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Does the employer record your contributions and time of employment for retirement insurance? Make an enrollment and see for yourself so that you don’t have to look back for employment contracts, payrolls and return letters in a few years before you retire…

In case you would like to communicate with the Czech Social Security Administration electronically and thus simplify access to the ad, the Internet, the Public Administration Portal and via the SSZ website can help me with that.

You do not want to use the possibilities of electronic sending of SSZ forms, it is necessary to register in the application of electronic submissions, which is a part of the Public Administration Portal ( It is used to register users from citizens and business entities who are interested in using these services.

After completing the registration, it is possible to send and receive formulas from the public administration, with the help of user identification (username and your chosen password), or with the use of a certificate. Vbr, which option you choose, is only on vs. When you decide for a certificate, ie an electronic signature, you can use a certificate issued by one of the three authorities: I.CA (, esk pota ( and eIdentity (

Communication with the relevant organization of public administration (in our case SSZ) according to the course through forms, which are available on its website ( under the link e-Podn. There are two ways to send them to the SSZ in one way: through the Public Message Portal with the help of software that you can download for free, through your own program that meets the SSZ criteria and communicates with the Public Message Portal, or you can deliver them electronically (disketch and CD) .

At this point, individuals and organizations can enforce three electronic submissions: send a record sheet of the pension insurance, the notes and deductions of the employees to the sickness insurance, and thus a new overview of the income and expenses of the self-employed persons.

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The popularity of electronic business is growing. SSZ uvd, ek 1.1. In 2007, a total of 40,826 organizations registered for the electronic sub – form, of which 19,507 employed more than 25 employees. More than 66% of organizations, which employ more than 25 people, communicate with SSZ electronically. The formula thus supports 21,319 small organizations and 997 individuals self-employed.

In total, three million forms were submitted electronically to date. If these SSZ documents were encased in papyrus form and placed on top of each other, a mountain of 1,675 m high would be created, ie as twenty-eight Petnsk lookout towers on each other, and in total 52 thousand kg.

Digitization of pension insurance record sheets enabled the creation of individual insurance accounts (IKP). At present, the SSZ checks the correctness so that the IKP can make it available to its workplace. In the future, you will be able to find out information about times and debts at all SSZ offices throughout the Czech Republic.

SSZ is thus preparing an established technology that will allow safe online access directly to your IKP. In the meantime, you can enter the information from your individual account of the insured person once a year and find out how much time the insurer and the depository of the SSZ records. The registration may not be complete, because some organizations did not fulfill their final obligations and did not send the SSZ registered pension insurance letters for their employees. You will be sure that the documents for the entrance are complete and may need to be completed.

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