esk mna poprv prolomila hranici 23 korun za euro

The koruna defeated today gave a magical limit to the euro. In the morning, it reached the European level below 23 crowns. It found similar values ​​in April. At that time, traders on the Tokyo Stock Exchange probably “swallowed” with its exchange rate.

At that time, she climbed to 23 crowns during the night. That is, at a time when the largest centers of trade with the Czech Republic, London and Prague, were closed. – tte The koruna strengthened a record night

Patria Finance analyst Tom Vlk has not been surprised for a day. “The crown at the level of 23 crowns was laughing at a week and two. After the last growth, I would see a negative development in the stock markets, although in recent weeks there has not been such a decline, “he said.

First, due to the weak performance of the stock market, Czech interest is interesting for foreign investors who are looking for a better appreciation of their investments. You demand and speculative purchases will then raise Czech records to new records – in the last month it has strengthened by about a crown.

According to some analysts, I am soon negatively affected by the development of the entire domestic economy. According to UniCredit Bank analyst Patrik Roumberský, the consequences of the steep strengthening of the koruna have been evident for some time, especially in exports, and have not been reflected in macroeconomic growth.

“It simply came to our notice then. I believe that the data for the first month of the second half of the year revealed the first external problems, which then culminated in the twisted months of the year, “said TK.

esk mna lme ​​records i vi dollar. With the arrest of July, she broke the magical limit of 15 crowns. Today it trades around 14.55 crowns per dollar.

Of course, there are Eastern exports, for which the strong koruna cuts profits, on the contrary, it benefits people for whom foreign goods and services are cheaper.

According to Vlk, gym exports from recent days have not been fully honored. “I’m sure it will show soon,” he thought.

f The Association of Exports Ji Grunda spent about 60 billion at the time of the loss of exports. There are problems with threats or textiles.

The applicant for European subsidies, from which the crown cuts, has such a head. According to Hospodské noviny, the amount of pensions that can be drawn in 2007 and 2013 has been about 150 billion from approval to the present due to a stable fixed exchange rate.

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