esk pojiovna: pod roukou skvl nabdky trap for scams

The Czech Insurance Company has prepared a novelty for the company in the form of assistance services for all participants in traffic accidents. This is not an above-standard service, but an insurance against insurance fraud.

esk pojiovna has launched a new service since mid-August, which according to the company is not on the ekm market ecl. It is a comprehensive liquidated service for damage, their clients Czech insurance method in case of traffic accident code. From the obligatory liability, the castle paid damage to all not only for the repair of the destroyed vehicle and other costs, but also gave services related to it, including the towing of an immobile vehicle.

Assistance service for damage

If the cause of the accident is our client, then he should be able to call the P Service Assistant, who provides his services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She not only removes it from him, but also transports him to a contracted service, with him the entire liquidation, including inspections by a mobile technician and the issue of a cover letter, issued by the insurance company itself.

The damage does not have to be in the hands of one’s own financial resources, and in addition, all the actions associated with the liquidation of its codes have accelerated significantly, explains Filip Saidl, director of the cooperation with suppliers of the Czech insurance company. According to the insurance company, motorists will thus avoid possible problems with non-professional and pedestrian assistance and towing companies, and their efforts have recently increased on our roads.

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The service company will decide on the service

Unfortunately, we must state that this service of the insurance company is not a significant news. For the listed services, clients have in the framework of motor vehicle insurance companies, regardless of the fact whether this full insurance company advertises or not. Insurance companies in our market provide assistance services damaged by bn, in addition, some of the insurance companies provide certain services to the cause of the accident itself.

Within the scope of assistance services, individual insurance companies are affected. Most often, they include the cost of technical assistance (repairs, towing, storage of vehicles, hostels in need, compensation for transport, loans, etc.). Assistance services thus differ in the country of validity (whether they are valid abroad and to what extent) and in the limits of performance. You can also find an offer of just a beer assistance service and the costs have to be paid by the insurance company. The range of assistance services is usually offered for these variants.

Avoid insurance fraud

From the news of the Czech insurance company, the added value for the clients is not added due to the connection of the insurance company in the first place to repair the car in a well-known service, which does not charge it for the price of repairs and compensation. The insurance company wants to dream of the risk of insurance fraud, which in the area of ​​car insurance causes the insurance company to know the codes.

I think that I should be left free to choose the service. The reason is that even if someone else damages the damaged method, it usually means for them to determine the data. For example, new debts are not reimbursed from compulsory liability. If the cause of the accident causes damage to the fender to another type of vehicle and the damaged fender is replaced by a new one in the service department, the damaged service must pay for this evaluation. This is to be enriched, or for example ten-year-old fenders should be replaced again by ten-year-old fenders, which may not be possible at all services or for time reasons.

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