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Mandatory warranty, basic insurance, which must not be missing from the bottom of the car on the road, from that year onwards. The Czech insurance company, with more than twenty-two percent of the market’s biggest share, raises the basic prices of these insurance policies by an average of six percent.

The basic rate in the lowest category of cars with an engine with a volume between 1000 and 1350 cubic centimeters will rise from 3724 to 3983 crowns.

This category includes the largest number of cars on Czech roads with a petrol engine.

Compared to the previous year, when the price rose by less than seven hundred crowns, it is more than three times the growth rate.

The insurance company explains the change in prices in exchange for the costs paid for the code, especially dram payrolls, work in services, but in exchange for the income of people after traffic accidents.

“The code is crucial for us and we have to react to it,” said Vclav Blek, a member of the insurance company.

The new rates did not reflect the influence of the new power law, which introduced a points system and severe penalties for people.

According to police statistics, the total mucus codes decreased in the first months, and according to the data, these data are skewed.

The police do not have to report some codes to fifty thousand. According to Pojioven, these have not actually decreased.

One way to escape insurance policy is to drive without peruen without an accident. Who has not caused the code in the last year, get a discount, the so-called bonus, by five percent.

Those who have not struggled in the last seven years are entitled to a bonus of more than five percent in the first year. The insurance policy for such an exemplary idea will be even one hundred crowns cheaper in the first year.

There is only one foregone and, depending on the conditions of the three insurance companies, the bonuses go down, or the tax starts going to pay a price to the basic price – malus.

New insurance prices must be published publicly for all insurance companies. If you want a price, you have to choose carefully.

Insurance companies differentiate you according to the age of your home, house or car. Vera published the prices of the Allianz insurance company on the market. Dr. rates are equal to this year. It is cheaper for people from smaller cities, for those cracks the bag is not expensive.

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