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Although they do not tend to invest, they prefer to increase their pensions in banks, but for five years the rates offered here are negligible. Will this situation change? How are the habits of investing? Where does it pay to put a pension? Mikolek, the director of ISS bond funds, answered your questions.

At the beginning of the ISS, ISS began to offer all its clients new investment profiles, which should improve their ideas about investment. At the branch, clients fill in a new questionnaire, and a profile of the investor is made for its composition.

The company offers three basic types of profiles in which they are combined funds from the offer of ISS and Erste Sparinvest. According to the risk acceptance level, the profiles are called Caution, Conservative, Challenge and Dynamic. Their main element is, of course, the elimination of the volatile value of the investment over time.

Although this strategy is not a novelty in the Czech market, a new approach is that completely excludes the offer of specific funds (although in the end my investors can choose only one fund). The ISS company is trying to show investors, among other things, alternatives to investing in money market fund Sporoinvest, which two weeks ago in this year alone reached a net asset of more than 10 billion K.

tpn Mikolek said in our online interview when asked about the lack of interest in bond funds that he invested unfortunately the current performance. According to him, those who persevered in bond funds will receive a yield of around 5% this year, and in the case of Central European bonds even around 10%. Therefore, the increase in interest on this type of fund.

What does ISS promise from creating an investor profile? Where does it pay to put a pension? Do you want to take more risks with us?

You can find the answers to these and asked questions HERE.

Who answered your questions?

Ing. tpn Mikolek (27 years old) is a leading specialist in Central European bonds, which has seen an interesting appreciation this year and can thus be a very interesting alternative for domestic investors who want to achieve interesting returns due to risk. It is in close contact with the central banks of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. He works as the director of the bond fund division at Investin company esk spoitelny and, among other things, he was involved in the management of the largest domestic fund, Sporoinvest, which first exceeded the limit of 40 billion CZK in assets. He studied finance at the University of Economics in Prague and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). It is enat, among its promises include alpine hiking and skiing.

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