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With the accession to the European Union, new legislation regulating the capital market came into force. Home open-end funds are now so-called special funds, which cannot take advantage of a European passport. Domestic investors are still interested in funds both at home and abroad, during the week they received another 260 million K. There can even be a bond fund, which attracts pension investors. They were disappointed by equity funds, which all ended with questionable performance. Tden brought many more news.

The equity fund did not issue last week. The best, but pesto with questionable performance, the fund came out of last week SOB stock mix (-0.14%). The market in the US probably planted the unexpected GDP growth for the first quarter of this year, which, despite the expected growth of more than 5%, reached only 4.2% (mezzanine). From last week, there is still the threat of an increase in annual rates. Just as the US Fed has suffered from investors for its appreciation, European markets are still waiting in vain for years to be cut by European Central Bank rates. However, the hopes of their representatives do not show any hope, on the contrary, the revival of European economies seems to them to be at least for the moment. The technological title was successful in the past week, and so in the lower ranks of equity funds ended up the sector swapping funds PI Nov economy (-2,27 %) a PI Biotechnology Pharmacy (-1.73%). The least spn was this time ivnobanka equity fund s -2,39 %.

The same was the encouraging week of bond funds, only one of them PI corporate bonds (+ 0.02%) remained in black hearing. Bonds in the US and Western Europe weakened only slightly, but at the entrance to the US the situation was much

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End of business on the capital market

napnavj. While in Poland the central bank is considering a tightening monetary policy (the expected increase in annual rates has a negative effect on the price of the bond), Slovakia has been dreaming of rates for a second time. After a new saw, in the middle of last week, the saw gave a 2-week repo rate of another 50 bp to 5.0%. Among other things, the central bank wagged the Slovak koruna back above SKK 40 per EUR. Therefore, strengthen Slovak bonds.

Events in Poland and Hungary have a negative impact on domestic funds ISS Trendbond (-0.69%), of which (as well as most of the bond funds) invest their pensions move elsewhere. Similarly, change my fund IKS Plus bonodv, which was a wall spnj, or ended with only a -0.01% decrease. A total of more than CZK 85 million flowed out of bond funds in a week. The situation with the ING Slovensk bond fund is the fund, which has written + 0.43% in Slovakia over the last week. The fund is more surprising with its sales, because the sales of this fund for the average and April reach a respectable 75 million K.

The total fund of domestic funds for the past week became the fund fund ISS Globaltrend with performance + 0.42%. He didn’t do well in certain sales, where he ended up for ISS Sporoinvestem a IKS Balancovanm 7 million K. In total, domestic investors invested in domestic funds, funds from the KBC Group and crown funds ING 229.6 million K. Domc funds registered CZK 78.3 million, KBC funds in total CZK 125 million. and those ING funds 26.4 million K.

Investin news and put consolidation

Classic funds have gained new competitors in recent weeks. Hedge funds (KBC only had sales of three newly offered hedge funds of K 94 million) include structured bonds and special deposits with share-based income. The last offer of structured bonds is from HVB Bank, now, unlike autumn issues, only in USD and EUR (more in TOMTO lnku).

Another novelty was the ING Group’s seat in the form of a 50% discount on the entrance fee. In the event of accession to the EU, ING offers the ING EMU Equity and ING Euro funds with half the entry fee. The offer is valid only in the case of an agreement on the purchase of the fund until the end of May and the purchase no later than the end of June. You will receive a suitable fee only when signing the contract in Oran’s House, ING wants to ask its clients for advice and offer them a possible portfolio.

Investin companies try their best to educate clients in the search for investments and offer free prescriptions and seeds. There was a seminar last week B Trustu, in which the cycle of company headlines continues ISS (this time in the dark: So I’m there! Or: how does a European invest?) and on May 4 she prepared a seminar ING.

On the other hand, we introduced changes to the fund, which we have not yet informed about. The services are available in the SOB investin company. SOB Wealth Fund as of July 1, 2004 merges with the fund SOB fond stability. This receiving fund (SOB Stability Fund) is currently changing its name to SOB Wealth.

How will the new rights fund bring changes? Vce v TOMTO lnku

Trading in the unit certificates of the changed funds will end on June 23. The issue and repurchase of sub-certificates of the SOB Wealth Fund is scheduled for July 19.

Ji k 22. beznu odredke zmn statutu u fondu IKS Globln. In addition to the change of name to IKS Global, there was also a conservative change in the fund’s investment strategy. The new fund declares a strongly conservative change. According to the action in the portfolio, it can be a maximum of 15%. (The fund may invest in both domestic and foreign instruments, with less risk at the fund’s level being generally hedged.) At present, approximately 13% of the portfolio is invested in equities. There are also changes in the structure fees of the fund, where the entry fee is zero and the entry fee is reduced according to the new rules depending on the time spent in the fund. Two 2% pay investors if they sell catch sheets within two years of their purchase. The fee is continuously reduced to zero when sold after five years of purchase.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesSOB Stock Mix-0,14%ivnobanka equity fund-2,39%
PI F. ropnho a energ. pr.-0,20%PI New Economy Fund-2,27%
ISS EUROTREND-0,30%PI F. farmacie a biotech.-1,73%
Bondsivnobanka NADAN0,03%ISS S korp. dluhopisov-1,06%
PI corp. bond0,02%ISS TRENDBOND-0,69%
SOB nadan0,01%ISS SPOROBOND-0,43%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund-0,32%
Pennho MarketSOB entries0,03%IKS Penn trh-0,02%
PI Penn0,02%ivnobanka Sporokonto0,01%
SmenICS Global Conservative0,09%UNDER stedoevroprosk-1,70%
J&T AG20000,08%ISS SPOROMIX 5-0,74%
is sales of mil. KISS SPOROINVEST227,3ISS SPOROBOND-40,9
IKS Balancovan13,5SOB stability-35,5

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