f Tatry: Armd nic neslevm

Amerian Ronald A. Adams, who, in addition to his position as CEO, has a minority stake in Kopate Tate, is sitting behind her wheel for the second time. For the first time, his attempt to control the carmaker failed, and the company ended up in the hands of the American group Terex.

Two years ago, the Adams bag, together with other investors, bought it back. This is the most difficult manufacturer to return to the sun. Last year, it sold a record number of cars in modern history, spent 7.3 billion crowns and spent a dog pl of billions.

At the same time, a wall appeared over the Tatra Mountains, just carrying supplies of trucks for the Czech army. Here, the carmaker obtained directly from the government without the need for welfare with the drainage support of the domestic industry. Its share in the overall car decreased compared to the original deaths.

Then Tatra took the bottom in additions, and in the end it turned out that the former soldier Pavel Stoek, with good relations at the Ministry of Defense, dug for several years during his order. His reward is directly linked to the contract.

Do you often know the former soldier Pavel Stok, who will collect a commission from the Tatras for obtaining a contract for the supply of cars for the army?

We met about a tenth and a mile long that the commission contract was not concluded by our management. Stoek worked for the carmaker for many years, I had his contract run through the Baker & McKenzie elements, and according to them it is a completely legal document, in accordance with the first one. So we have to pay a commission. To be on the safe side, we approached PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct a special audit, but they found nothing. What do you give in mm?

Deputy Minister of Defense Jaroslav Kopiva claimed that it would be a discount for you, which should be paid a commission. Discounts?
Day payment for Mr. Stok is not included in the price of the army order, we also do not have a twenty discount on anything like this. Nobody can drink the oven for a private company and want a discount for something that does not apply to the store.

However, the commission was directly taken to the delivery of wagons, so the furnaces must also belong to the Tatras to order.

It is a development cost, but it is not included in the price of the car. That’s why we did all the audits. Stoek did a lot of military work and his reward was encouraged to finish. That’s what happened, let’s pay him too. And we will use the pressure both for military supplies and for civilians.

Do you want to sell armdn Tatry 810 on the “bnm” market?
Yes. Not all our customers need ternn nklaky, which is usually long, and it is good to have such a model in the offer. We would like to launch it on the market for five years.

However, there is huge competition in the mench nklak segment. Why should people buy small Tatras, which are also composed of bites from other cars?

Of course, there is more competition, but our cars are developing for the army with their benefits. It can be driven both on dormitories, and you need a reduction to the slowest ride in a black and robust construction. It’s not just a nklak on the milk jug.

Are you going down with his price? Your competitors claim to be pedraen.

No. The price of the car corresponds to what um and how it is equipped.

We return to commission contracts. How is it that she appeared in Mdich? Someone stole it from me?

We’ll probably never know. Someone made a copy of the unsigned contract. The copy received by the newspaper had an invalid Stoka signature. He was copied into an unsigned contract from some other document he had once signed. But I do not know anyone who would have acceded to the covenant and who should have reason to force it.

Don’t worry, don’t you know who’s after me?

There are always people who don’t have to rush or rl.

I really did last year. What was behind the record growth needed?
We increased production, had enough orders and will focus on cars with added value. Two of us were mainly cheaper 4 × 4 cars, for example for the Indian army. We already have twelve-wheelers on offer, which no one else in the world offers in connection with our chassis.

Such loni sly nezahbala njak ob zakzka?

No. They really did well in all markets. Apart from Russia and India, Australia is up. To do this, we began to actively look for orders among companies that mineral raw materials. Due to rising commodity prices, they have enough pensions to renew equipment and Tatra to mines, refineries and oil fields. In Russia, let’s deliver practically only to oil and gas gates, in Australia to long-term companies and in India to armies.

Do you have any special models for the oil industry?

Let’s develop cars that will be able to drive equipment for oil and gas equipment. So far it had to be fixed on all of us, we will attach it directly to our ten-wheeler. Lpe maneuvers the darkness in the tern and mainly one engine and gearbox will move the whole machine.

Thanks to high commodity prices, sell more. But how did their health affect your costs?

This year, it will hit such a high profitability. Steel rose by thirty percent, about the same amount of energy costs, but the worst is the strong crown.

How to secure yourself against crowns?
The crown is dead. I think that today we are longing for the most expensive country in the world. Production here is more expensive than in the USA or the eurozone countries, and due to the exchange rate we have to be on average 20 percent more expensive than the competition. We decide to buy as much material as possible abroad and bring the components into cars.

Have you won any new contracts or markets this year?

Pt msc we will test a prototype car for the US Army. She asked for a new chassis from a number of manufacturers, but I am convinced that we could succeed.

If the business went hand over, how big would it be?
Vc, no we could not. (smch) The US military is spending billions of dollars a year on trucks and one of its projects is known for the delivery of twenty thousand chassis in five and six years. It would be great if we had 500 and a thousand chassis for them.

Will I help you with such an American radar shop in Brdy?
eknme, e neme ukodit. Urit sent relations between the armies, but if we don’t know him, I don’t know. But bn Amerian will have everything in mind.

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