Fear of evil is slowly disappearing, clients have been hearing for years

Many clients suffered from high fees and low years. The exact opposite offer bullshit evils promise low fees and high returns on deposits. I eat he is still small. After the wave of bankruptcies of the 1990s, the campaigns of world disputes still seem to shine, but the situation is changing.

Kampelikm pibv both client (only) and pension. At the end of the first quarter, the elephants associated in the Association of Crushed Crimes were over 25,000, which is only 10 percent in the first quarter of this year. Deposits in the same period reached 5.778 billion crowns, in the first three months of this year they increased by 14 percent.

The market is stable and deposits in Kampelik are connected
It takes the leaders to crushed groups mainly for the year on term and low fees. The rates offered by the elephants are more than doubled in comparison with banks. With regard to the less distant past, it is not surprising even to those who are in doubt. All the campelics, which went bankrupt in the 1990s, lured their clients for the first time in their deposits.

Dalek’s attraction is very low fees for changes, they charge their clients (only). Practically for the common standard, campaigns can be marked in person today free of charge (often related services are also provided free of charge, such as electronic banking or payment cards). There are no values ​​in banks that state the rates of transactions, so do transaction items.

– Deposits are insured in addition to the membership fee
– Vy years rates at term t t
in banks
– Nzk service charges

Generally limited product offerings
– Usually only local competence
– Obtn zskvn informací zlon (nap.
from the Internet)

High year for everyone does not pay, transparency is important

Ron a year, currently reaching more than three percent in term, is very interesting for clients. However, I only heard about it. In many cases, the contribution to the evil can be compared to a step into the unknown. If you want to find out more information about some evil (you need to look at the portfolio of offered products and tariffs), don’t go to the country.

Of the nineteen Internet sites, less than half, in particular eight, contain information in the change. This is especially special during the day and it raises a lot of doubt.

Practically the biggest ailment is usually the very number of products in the portfolio and the overall local scope of individual groups. Therefore, if you decide to use, for example, it is necessary to check whether the evil villager offers such a promise at all. Somewhere you don’t know at all, you can come across a similar one with the requirement for a popular overdraft, incl.

While driving before flights did not apply to deposits in crushed evils, the situation is somewhat different today. In the evening, only deposits of debts and thieves are insured in the same way as in banks up to 90 percent, a maximum of up to 25 thousand euros (equivalent in Czech currency).

This fund can be paid by the Fund after the bankruptcy or loss of the campelic license, if the evil person alone has enough pensions. Here it is necessary to realize that the insurance deposit is not a member’s deposit. This is because it is anchored in the basic name of the evil throne and is obligatory for membership in the throne.

The written rules (supervision, basic name) for the elephants were set out in a change in the law. 87/1995 Coll., On vrnch and spoitelnch drustvech. Today, the basic name of each evil must reach at least 35 million crowns (two cost only 500 thousand to establish a campelica).

Above all, these legislative changes have led, from the client’s point of view, to a markedly improved image of crushed villages.


Bn et v % p.a.Term deposit in% paIn a member’s deposit
in K
1. Investin zlona0.5 – individual.2,0 – 4,05300
1. TZ drustevn zlona1,0 – 1,51,3 – 4,5100
Fio, drustevn zlona0,75 – 1,752,0 – 3,31
Moravian Penn attitude – spoiteln society3,3 – 4,9 *1000
Penn dm, spoiteln society1,25 – 5,01200
UNIBON1,9 – 5,2400
Vojensk drustevn zlona0,5 – 3,02000
WPB, spoiteln society0,2 – 0,43,5 – 5,02500

– the product is not available
* over 1 mil. K rates individually
The table contains only information of these crushed compounds, their data are published on the website.
Source: drustevn zlony and Commercial Register at www.justice.cz, data update as of 3.8.

Kampeliek are two boards
Officially, they say that the evil thieves, whose rebellion was most rooted in the nineties by the wave of the collapse of most of them, are once again gaining the courage of the public. The quality legislation, the insurance deposit and the consistent supervision of the Czech National Bank contribute to this. It took over the control duty from the series for the surveillance of crustaceans.

The list of innus crusts, maintained by the NB, contained a total of 19 crusts and crimes in the middle of the year. The situation is relatively stable for several years, the number of camps oscillates around twenty. On the list only the Association of Crushed Crimes includes the names of two names Business Crushed Evil and Savings and Loose Crusty Royal Savings and Loans. According to press reports, Tereza Bisov’s Entrepreneurial Drusny Crimes does not see the membership as a positive day, on the contrary, she sees the negative in the rest of the bureaucracy. Royal Savings and Loans, according to its membership in the Association, is currently considering.

Pr rad na zvr
When a criminal offense and a joint venture are authorized to provide financial services only to their members. If you decide to save your disputes on a termal basis in one of them, you must become a member. This implies, in addition to the convenience, also the obligation. In the first place, you must make a membership fee, which, with three exceptions, ranges from one to 300 thousand crowns. Then u ve b as you know, for example, from the bank.

The oldest evils have existed on the Czech financial market for less than ten years. Some of them do not even hide their ambitions to become a bank, and according to the development so far, they seem to have the time to start.

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