Fleet insurance: you pay on your car insurance

The car fleet has been substantially modernized and rejuvenated over the last few years by the company. It shouldn’t matter how much you pay on your car insurance. Pipette without good grace. Do you know how the benefits of fleets are connected?

According to the statistics of the Czech Insurance Company, the average codes from a car accident are around 30 thousand crowns from the compulsory liability and about twice the number from the insurance accident. Passenger cars, however, appear in the statistics much more often, because they are unlike those private daily on the road.

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to cover the risks associated with the operation of the vehicle fleet through the so-called fleet insurance. Fleet insurers are designed to protect all types of vehicles that are owned or leased by entrepreneurs – natural or first persons.

The company protects me against damaged, destroyed or stolen vehicles. It is possible to arrange a number of additional binders for this type of connection, which can be useful. It can be a mobile load on the rental vehicle, a carriage of everything transported by a car, a windscreen or, for example, a carriage of passengers on a number of occasions.

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What do we mean by fleet?

It is a group of usually 3 and 5 and more vehicles (according to the insurance company), relating to one primary and natural person. It is practically possible to insure any vehicle fleet with the help of individual insurance policies, but the fleet of car insurance covers the needs of large clients, especially in the area of ​​contact and communication. It cannot be overlooked and he did not have the benefits that can be obtained by closing the fleet’s car service.

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The first advantage is the acquisition of a discount fleet, which takes into account the number of mobile vehicles, the connectivity of the insurance company, the code and other criteria. The second advantage is the above-standard service, which leads to simplified administration and faster disposal of codes.

Some insurance companies allow digital clients to digitally dispose of documentary code without a part of the insurance company. It is only up to a certain limit of the code in order to prevent possible extensive insurance fraud. Another advantage is that the client, by signing the groups of the contract with one broker and the connecting advisor, will provide a specific contact person for the management of his car fleet. At the same time, in the section of the fleet car, one employee takes care of him, who processes technical changes, prints them out and gives you other things related to the fleet management.

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How uetit?

Insurance contracts for business vehicles are usually for an indefinite period, but once a year an inspection is performed, which summarizes the past year and according to its result, the company is or is not a bonus for five years. The declining value of the vehicle fleet should in itself lead to a dream cost. Another way to get insurance premiums is to secure vehicles for which insurance companies provide a discount on insurance premiums.

Due to the fact that the accident of the fleet is one of the most expensive types, mainly due to the high frequency of accidents and sweat of motor vehicles, it is appropriate to consider reducing the costs associated with the fleet’s cars. For example, a company can contact various companies with enough calculations and submit offers. Some insurance companies can come up with better offers, insurance companies can pay bonuses and provide other special offers for gaining a new client.

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