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While the US stock markets write only slight fingers at the end of the profit period, the domestic stock has returned to historical highs. As an investor, consider the share of funds, which this time also improved in performance.

The end of the results of the season in the US pin on the stock markets much less price-setting information and the markets are thus stagnant. In addition, oil is rising again, its rising price began to have a negative effect on Monday, and together with biotechnology companies and car manufacturers, it was mainly on the negative start of the new week. Although the unexpected drop in black gold prices helped the markets to be optimistic, in the middle, due to rising oil, it slowed down the markets.

On Thursday, the price of oil exceeded $ 55 per barrel, and despite the positive effect of US productivity growth, the indices again stagnated. On the last day of the week, the furnace markets only recovered, especially thanks to the labor market at first. All the longest indicators could thus end a week in the black (DJIA +0,91 %, Nasdaq +0,24 %, S&P 500 +0,9 %).

The stock crack continued this week in the beginning of a trend of a good record. They were also helped by the fact that on Monday the three companies reported their finances last year and fulfilled their results, or even pedals a real investor. The good results were mostly helped by the pharmaceutical Zentiv (+ 8.2%), which, despite long-term growth in recent weeks, exceeded the CZK 950 per share. Unipetrol (+ 5.7%) broke the records, which reached the limit of 180 CZK and if there were no sales, its final price would be to go in.

The companies EZ, ORCO and so Komern banka, strong, exceeded their maximums

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correction in the second half of the week, the last named title was finally sent to ervench sel (-2.8%). The Philip Morris Group’s spreadsheet (-1.4%) turned out similarly, as evidenced by the rating. It is worth mentioning the deadly Erste Bank (+ 7.2%), which after a long period of arrest strengthened the week and thus got just below its historical maximum. Both main indices thus recorded a sharp increase in the week (PX-D +3,10 %, PX 50 +2,50 %).

Funds make investors happy

Funds opt out. After a late week, when a large number of mutual funds in the statistics of the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS) did not sweat investors’ performance, the fund has resumed as I have become accustomed to recently. Two equity funds boast the highest weekly performance, SOB Stock Mix (+1,98 %) a PI – Ropnho a energetickho prmyslu (+ 1.82%), which was helped by the good results of oil companies related to the health of oil.

Shift funds were also ashamed. Among them, the SOB Kilov fund was the most successful (+ 1.64%), in total with the AMSLICO foreign growth funds (+ 1.51%) and AKRO mezinrodn flexibiln (+ 1.50%). Money market funds and bond funds did well, among them the AMSLICO fund maintains a stable performance in Central Europe (+ 0.82%).

There is a strong agreement in the performance of both funds, which this week recorded a positive performance (ICS fund fund +1,34 % ISS Globaltrend +1,31

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%). The same does not apply to their certain sales, which are long-term divergence. While the ISS fund recorded a finger of +6.5 million CZK in the week (for the last three weeks + K 72.0 million), the IKS fund recorded a sales dispute in the amount of K – 5.7 million (in three months – 57.0 million CZK).

Not only stocks are popular with investors

The fund recorded the highest total sales in the week IKS Penn trh (+165.1 million K), followed by a traditional rival ISS Sporoinvest (+129.0 million K). At the far end of the same sales statistics was the equity fund IKS Svtovch index (-16.8 mil. K), the total share of equity funds with the contribution of the fund ISS Sporotrend (+80.9 mil. K) wrote a finger 64.0 mil. K

The high number of sales was recorded by foreign exchange funds (+117.4 million CZK), where the fund IKS Balancovan (+86.5 million K). From 28.2. The sale and repurchase of AKRO’s exchange funds resumed: energy, capital injections and regular dividends.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesSOB Stock mix1,98%PI farm. a biotech.-0,14%
PI rop. a energet.1,83%ISS-SPOROTREND0,15%
ISS-EUROTREND1,40%PI Nov economy0,42%
BondsAMSLICO stredoeurp.0,82%IKS Plus bondov-0,05%
ISS-S corportn 0,23%ISS-TRENDBOND-0,03%
ISS-SPOROBOND0,17%PI Sttnch bond0,00%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund1,34%
Pennho MarketISS SPOROINVEST0,08%SOB Entries0,04%
PI Pennho Market0,08%Pioneer Sporokonto0,05%
IKS Penn trh0,06%
SmenUNDER Kilov1,64%J&T Opportunity SKK-0,10%
AMSLICO foreign growth.1,51%J&T AM Druh KSIO-0,03%
AKRO mezin. flexi.1,50%AKRO rules. dividend-0,00%
is sales of mil. KIKS Penn trh165,1IKS Svtovch index-16,8
ISS SPOROINVEST129,0ISS zench vnos-8,3
IKS Balancovan86,5ICS Fund Fund-5,7

Zdroj: UNIS

The KBC / SOB and ING funds also traded in certain sales. Compared to the first week, ING funds improved and recorded net sales of CZK 114.9 million, with a large contribution from ING Czech Equity Fund – CAP (+ K95.4 million). KBC / SOB funds did not repeat the finger from the previous week, pesto is 299.1 million K in some sales a good result.

Do you invest in mutual funds or do you prefer other forms of value-added funds? Drink your experience.

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