For pr msc, a dog robbed a million crowns, beat and kicked women. He got ten and a half years

Zdenk Kynra, who was now in his forties, spent ten and a half years. He was convicted by the Regional Court in Brno for rushing twenty-two looted robbers. During them, in the range of only seven MSc, he looted 1.2 million crowns.

“Kynra is guilty and his punishment will be spent in a prison with called security,” said chairman Drahomr Drpal.

From August 2006 to March 2007, Kynra was robbed with a pistol in his hand. He chose mainly large offices, exchange offices, gas stations, but also shops with erotic weapons.

He made the second fall on the Moravian river, robbing it in St. Nad Labem, Olomouc and Zlín.

In most cases, it has fallen, always before closing or after opening the branch. Only one dared dared to play.

One of the obt disfigured the clouds

Kynra just scolded the victim with his weapon, beating and kicking the bag several times. In those cases, the bag also used a gas pistol.

He shot Monika Bednrová from Tipsport in Brno on Zvonace into the area and he disfigured her. The attacker threatened to go blind. Dal pepaden from Slavonice suffered a post-traumatic disorder and to this day l.

“I did not find any lying circumstances, there are a lot of drinking circumstances – the number of flows, long criminal activity, the use of force, caused by the code,” said the former representative Jaroslav Kubea. He requested 11 years for Kynra in a so-called security guard.

“I didn’t rush any of it”

Kynra, who was punished in the past for property crime, is guilty of the fact that, according to the records of mobile operators, he was always in the city, the police also seized his scent tracks, poured his weapon and clothes, and was recognized by most witnesses .

“I am innocent, I did not rush any of these deeds, everything was manipulated, the house search was never done, someone else put everything in my car. Take on a huge trauma, ”Kynra said

But the court sent him did not tell him. “In twenty of those cases, the smell of odors was clear. According to the location of his mobile phone, he always moved to the city, the accident is possible in one or two cases, but I exclude it with such a number, “said the chairman of the meeting Drahomr Drpal.

Kynr was threatened for twelve years. According to Drpala, the only reason for not sending him the maximum sentence was that in other cases the health of the victim is called. Kynra appealed to the revenge.

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