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Crowdfunding is a way of financing a certain project by a group of individuals who contribute a small amount to the amount of the person. The best-known platform that connects entrepreneurs and the public is Kickstarter. Pensions and public opinion on them now shn i esk company Isoline. In the meantime, she gained a million crowns.

Humpoleck’s Isoline company has been producing healthy food supplements and various protein drinks for athletes for twenty years. And because shn retirees to develop a new product and are therefore interested in the reactions of the public, it decided to try a crowdfunding campaign. And right at the American Kickstarter, where many Czech entrepreneurs have not yet reached.

Why did you decide to try tst on Kickstarter?
After a water study of the rules, a review of selected successful and unsuccessful campaigns, we were most interested in the possibility of quick feedback on the novelty, which we want to launch on the market for five years. This is a patented 3D door system and a new energy and functional drink with the possibility of its own door and determination of the drink intensity.

How many pensions do you need?
The main target was not such a pension, at least as to how our clients will react to our product. We will use the selected funds for marketing and promotional activities as well as for export activities.

When did he appear on the platform project and how is he? And how many pensions did you get?
The start of the campaign was on November 21st and the winter was huge, or we communicated it to the whole campaign in advance. We are currently attacking the $ 60,000 mark. Even though we expected a strong result, we are satisfied, especially with how the people perceive the product. What is the key is the reactions of our existing clients and foreign partners, especially multinational food corporations, with whom we have been in contact for a long time. And new subjects with an interest in distribution.

Depending on how much people pispj, they get a drake from vs. How?
Contributors can choose from several kite sets of values ​​ranging from $ 25 to $ 1250. These kite sets or collections contain 3D SportTop door closures with concentrations of a new energy drink, including bottles.

How was nron getting on the US platform? What did you have to do, how were the conditions?
From the point of view of usability, it is necessary to change the first step of entry, namely that the Czech company cannot enter Kickstarter directly. You must find a partner, the so-called guarantor for this entry. The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurs and Tradesmen helped them with the guarantee.

For the fourth year of the year, we worked on social networks, video publishers, attracted fans, and used digital marketing. At first, we cooperated with a Czech agency, but we also hired an American company, which, with the introduction of existing companies on similar platforms of experience. We now know that we have underestimated the preparation – we have relied on the advice, experience and recommendations of others. Even though our tax of $ 25,000 is met, this amount of money could have been significant.

So what would you recommend to companies that would like to go in the same direction
I recommend that the preparation be carried out by our own experts with a perfect knowledge of English and online marketing or with an agency with which they have all the positive experience. And prepare to enter this platform in advance, for a minimum of 12 msc.

If you want to succeed on Kickstarter, the whole camp must be uncompromisingly created primarily for this contributing community. It is a specific target group, a kind of new social with a million special community. Our campaign on Kickstarter is different. It is highly corporate. It can be seen that Isoline is not a start-up, but a company with a twenty-year history. Only people outside the Czech Republic help mainly new developing companies, not just a new project.

Go to the city to see if the product is suitable for Kickstarter. Our product is specific in that people want to taste it first and only then are they willing to invest their extras. When we then use logistics to the USA, it must be suitable for clients, and this is not possible with a small number of products.

How much vs total stl entry on Kickstarter, ie to send photos, videos, English translations, send drky to contributors?
This is about a million crowns. We will also use the current input created for this campaign in the bnm store. Of course, for new projects, I am much more likely. The rule applies correctly: 15 and 30% of the funds invested in marketing will bring 100% of the duty.

What was the most?
Focus primarily on Kickstarter itself.

Has Kickstarter influenced the product in any way?
It suddenly changed the view of him. We began to take a closer look at him and realized his potential. We will change the main communication of the product. According to us, this will help in negotiating with major distributors and future business partners. Dal step will be re-evaluated customs on the export strategy. At the same time, we have selected some suppliers and business partners with whom we will not cooperate in the future.

Would you recommend this procedure to other entrepreneurs?
Yes, he recommended, but it really needs a thorough preparation. It is a very strong competitive environment. That is why our company will enter Kickstarter at the end of five years with a new product. We have now just started preparations.

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