From day to time. Finds young people and advice on how to work first

It’s OK. One day sit in the knee bench, the other behind the desk. In a whole new world. You have to get used to the rules, the responsibility, the stereotypical regime and you also the annoying team. It’s stress and take me a while, don’t deal with change.

You dream of falling in, but never deny yourself. Mon, so much focus on making the best possible impression, and you will start to behave completely differently, not your own. Smiling at colleagues and being communicative does not mean that you have to reprimand them for everything that is far from reminiscent of your work.

When she is female, you do it yourself

Use the first days of work for dating. Put on the name of a colleague, find out what someone owes and how he works vs. When I boarded, I got a sweat and my table, but it was over. f didn’t explain anything to me and didn’t introduce me to anyone, nor did I know what exactly he was doing. He basically disappeared, I also did not have the opportunity to ask him about it, first of all his arrests Ivan from Prague, who joined the company’s telecommunications company. Finally, I got up from the table and introduced myself to sm. I was separated from all and I found out how to get involved. I wasn’t angry with fa, but my impression of him was forever that she is una.

Don’t be afraid of the unexpected problems in the corners, you can easily learn from them. Ivan adds that he could have had a negative view of this experience, but he went home with a team that did a great job, because he could give me what he wanted. So you dream of looking for complications.

Pin? Where? How? Don’t be afraid of ptt

The atmosphere in the company depends on the company culture. Even if the employer is trying to create a friendly mood, it may be difficult for a newcomer to get used to it. For example, in a corporate environment, regulations and processes are very uncomfortable for young people. Both are disappointed that their work is limited and limited. They are also often overwhelmed by new procedures, explains work psychologist Tom Vak.

According to Hana Mukov from the HR department of Deloitte, it is most difficult for fresh graduates to get used to a regular regime. However, we support flexibility, for example in the form of work from home and shortened visions, some positions require regularity. For us, the policy of open two works, it is not a problem to always consult any problem. When a graduate doesn’t understand him and needs help, he shouldn’t ask.

Not in any company, but you will find an open door. So that you don’t feel like you’re bothering everyone around you, ask an enthusiast who you can contact with questions. You will have a pdemoficiln authorized person and you do not have to be honored whenever your father gave a fool. Don’t pretend to understand him when that’s not true. No one knows that you will be completely independent for the first few days. On the other hand, do not rely on them being willing to answer ten questions for every question. Write down the new information and repeat it.

It’s bad. Can I give it up?

Sometimes it comes together uncomfortably. A small pension, a neptelian atmosphere, a rough job, which in the end doesn’t take it that way. But you are at the turn of your career and it would not be wise to leave two, you are not 100% sure.

I recommend deciding on the basis of the part of the experience, not the first impression, to Tom Vak and add: It’s like when two people went to the world to experience. Only after a year or two you can read if this is a job that you have fun and if the company suits you. And u meet anyone, usually in mind, when you know the environment as best you can, and it takes time.

For the first time in a year, twenty-nine-year-old Dana decided to leave Prague: Upon joining, the company promised me that I would go to trade fairs abroad and communicate with people, but in the end I only gave technical support and the fair could be at most once a year. I tried to talk to fem, I went to work, only if they drank only promises and nothing changed. When I doubled, I was excited to tell me that a lot of people are becoming, but in the end they get used to it. They did not manage to break M.

If you don’t share the work you got on, it’s okay to call. Sometimes he doesn’t even know that the tax doesn’t suit him if you don’t tell him. If the company refuses to comply for a long time, there is no point in suffering. Remember that the trial period serves the employer and vm. During this period, both parties may decide not to do something to them and terminate the cooperation from day to day.

The mistake is kmo!

Sometimes you may have a strange feeling that you have an enthusiastic mind about something, that you don’t do your work for a while or that you haven’t fallen. Determine yourself, but don’t bother with them. ask for feedback. It is ideal to arrange regular meetings with women right at the arrest and discuss your work, feelings and problems.

Don’t be afraid of criticism, it will be very uiten for vs. Once you know it, you can actively stick together. And a hunter who can work on himself is a regular employee, his surroundings. So the mistake is not a problem, but a way to improve. It is not a question of whether to grant it, because at the turn it will be given almost cadmium, according to which it is access to n.

Recently, a sister turned on me, who joined the ARO after the bike. After msci, sleep disorders and anger appeared. She was very afraid of doing something wrong. In addition, her colleague repeatedly criticized various shortcomings. So she began to write down all the sawdust and repeat it after work. She learned to breathe a quick breath of exercise for getting rid of anger. And first of all she talked to her colleague about her feelings and fears, first case from the practice of Tom Vak. The problem solved very quickly and she managed the whole adaptation. It’s about finding an effective way to work, working with your emotions and looking for help. The usual mistake is that we try to show ourselves in the best light, so we don’t ask for help. When we then fail, let the city be controlled by negative emotions, the performance of the jet deteriorates. It is then a guaranteed circle.

Don’t criticize now. And in a moment

It seems to me that everyone around everyone is incapable and nothing works as it should. Keep your courts at least from the arrest for yourself. Keep pr msc and you will be in a better position. Then drink with specific suggestions what could be pasted. Young people are proficient in the use of modern technology very frustrated by the obsolescence of technology at the employer. They can’t understand for not being able to link simple applications or for not being able to work from home. And I’m not surprised at all, admit Tom Vak.

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