From January, the price of electricity could rise by 15 percent

Not only oil prices have reached record levels in recent days. On the way up, electricity was also issued on stock exchanges in Europe, and energy and economists are convinced that this will be reflected in prices for 2009.

Wholesale prices on stock exchanges have now risen above 70 euros per megawatt-hour of electricity supplied in the so-called stock dog, while for this year it cost about 51 euros. So it is about 40 percent.

“However, this whole growth will not be reflected in prices in the Czech Republic because the koruna has strengthened significantly. And companies that buy from EZ have contracts with a price of 57 euros since last year, ”said EZ CEO Martin Roman.

Last year, electricity was sold on the crack of the energy exchange for the first time for five years. The companies that bought it will now have an advantage, because for 2009 the price was 57 euros.

According to analysts’ estimates, a strong koruna could push the market price in euros by only a few percent, while the wholesale price could hover around 30 percent. This could be reflected in house prices by a price increase of around 15 percent.

For that, I also fight against glass gases

According to Roman, the reason for the rise in electricity prices is the rise in demand, the price of oil, which is reflected in gas prices and electricity prices, but also in Europe’s struggle against glass gases and the purchase of emission allowances.

Due to rising electricity prices, there is a case when people take electricity illegally. Last year alone, EZ technicians discovered three thousand unjustified orders, with a code of 130 million crowns.

“This is only a fraction of the total code and especially the number of unauthorized customers,” says Pemysl Vni, general director of the EZ Men division, who is apparently not valid in the job description. According to him, the number of cases has risen since about 2000, when electricity began to increase in price.

I have not been concerned about the life of the Department of Non-Technical Losses (NTZ) for several years, its people carry out both inspections in households and are in charge of the subsequent exchange of sanctions for “black” withdrawals.

More than five customers, firm from Olomouc, but due to the ways in which the people from NTZ treated them, filed a criminal complaint against EZ at the end of April.

Among other things, he blames the company for part of the criminal association and perseverance. Through his first member Jan Ryte, they claim that they were argued about the admission of the unjustified collection, that the representatives of the energy company arranged meetings with them, usually in non-hours, so they offered them less fines in exchange for “boning” their neighbors.

“Under the threat of having many pensions and paying so many pensions, I would dictate anyone I know, perhaps the whole village,” said one of the inhabitants of Bystrovan in the Olomouc region.

Olomouck ppad
The first area of ​​Olomouc is described by the representatives of NTZ as an area with an extremely high concentration of black samples. 87 unjustified customers were found in six municipalities and according to EZ they caused the company a code of more than 18 million crowns.

“Most likely, all rights were made by a former employee of Severomoravsk energetics, who knew the location at the time,” said Karel Vani, head of the NTZ department. “For example, all electricity meters had the same types of falench seals, and there have been wall electricity meters since 1999,” Vani added.

EZ is so confident in its position, which is supported by such video recordings from the course of inspections, that it has decided to file a criminal complaint against the first Ryte and has given people who push the company out of pressure and unfair practices. In two criminal reports for the accused and defamation, the energy company is satisfied with more than six million crowns and an apology.

“It is their first, however, I am convinced that justice is on the side,” commented the step by the energy engineer Ryt.

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