Fuel according to the discount, I get a strong crown for it

The strong koruna sent petrol and diesel prices in the opposite direction, which was not the case in recent months. Natural became cheaper by six halls, to 32.54 crowns, and a liter of diesel engines by five halls, to 34.85 crowns. Follow the data from CCS.

“Fuel prices have stagnated over the past week. Diesel fell by 5 halls, to 34.85 K per liter. Gasoline fell by 6 halls, to 32.54 K per liter. The pinnacle was mainly the koruna’s gyms, ”said Petr ermk, an analyst at Colosseum.

According to the analyst, the prices of petrol and diesel should fall this week. Diesel could be a bit cheaper. “After a long time, we will get into a situation where the price of oil on world markets is rising, but fuel in the R can become cheaper,” added ermk.

Expensive diesel and gasoline cause problems in Czech transport. First of all, they will meet with Prime Minister Topolnek and give him a few demands, they should mitigate the adverse effects.

Carriers pedlo sv requirements vld. What do they want?
1. Rejects the request of the Green Party to divorce the driving license for a whole year; canceled five orders during the summer holidays
2. introduction of professional diesel (refundable refund of excise duty and set at a minimum by the EU)
3. Immediately begin preparations for joining the euro area
4. Introduced discounts on the mtnm system

Carriers even threatened protests if the government did not comply. “If we do not agree, let us approve the crisis and the form of the protest will be at the crisis,” the general secretary of the association, Martin Martin pryar, confirmed to the iDNES.cz server today.

We would drink 1.8 billion a year

According to him, it is important to see how the truck caused the losses. esmad, however, estimates that in the event of a divorce for the whole year, the losses would be about 1.8 billion.

Even the dog gave a discount on these halls, it is natural for her several weeks in a row the most expensive in Prague, where she goes to pay an average of 33 crowns per liter. In the remaining regions, Natural 95 is available for a price under 33 crowns. The cheapest gasoline can be used in the Krumlov region, where a liter costs 32.22 crowns.

The same goes for diesel, which costs 35.22 crowns in Prague. For a price of over 35 crowns, it will be sold in Vysoin, in the South Moravian and Zlín regions. Refuel the cheapest idea of ​​diesel in the Olomouc region.

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