Funds have sunk sales

A week later, the stock exchanges at the US and in the USA exchanged positions in comparison with the one pedelm. While stocks in America have been stagnating or even declining slightly, the Prague Stock Exchange has returned to its long-term highs. The domestic fund is performing consistently, but the statistics have shown the same sales of the fund, especially the exchange.

In the USA, investors seem to have run out a bit after a week and that’s what the first day on the stock exchanges looked like. He seemed to indicate the course of business for the rest of the week. Although the markets strengthened slightly, helped by the semiconductor titles in particular, the markets hit the ground as soon as the results of Cisco Systems hit the ground.

The market downturn was initially slowed by the withdrawal of Hewlett-Packard, but that did not prevent a recent loss to the second market. Since Thursday, a positive mood has been spinning on the markets, supporting support for the development of the economy and data from the labor market. However, the markets were slowed down by the rising price of oil, which eventually led to overall markets growing only slightly or even losing much in the case of the technology sector (DJIA +0,77 %, Nasdaq -0,5 %, S&P 500 +0,1 %).

After less than a week, the domestic stock market returned to growth in a way of its own. Again, historical highs have been improved, not only for the stock index, but also for some titles. The electric power plant recorded a very good week, which strengthened practically the whole week and exceeded its maximum several times during the week. The other titles did not embarrass the bag in this direction either, and Komern banka and Zentiva broke the records, and a novelty on the market was caught – the company ORCO Property.

The 20,000 K per share mark was attacked by Philip Morris, but in the end it ended in the vicinity of the 19,000 K mark. Stagnac ended the week with shares of Erste Bank and so with Unipetrol, which recovered from the weekly decline

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and at the end of the week. During the week, speculation and uncertainty about the privatization of the company had an unfavorable effect on the prices of the Czech Telecom event, and the title ended up in the July hearing. Even that did not prevent the Prask stock exchange from recording a very good week (PX-D +2,9 %, PX 50 +2,7 %).

Even funds make investors happy

We will slowly get used to the good performance of domestic funds, so it is not surprising that this was also the case last week. The fund group did not disappoint, and with individual exceptions, which confirm the rule, investors could be satisfied. The most sweaty investors were funds in exchange – especially two funds of the SOB company turned out in a good light, at least in terms of performance (SOB Kilov + 2.11%, UNDER stedoevropsk +1,93 %).

Equity funds did not lag behind either, among them funds rose ISS Sporotrend (+1,79 %) a IKS Svtovch index (+ 1.56%). The type of week in ad was shared by both funds (ISS Globaltrend +1,71 %, ICS Fund Fund +1,33 %).

Tragick is sales

If we talk about the performance of the SOB exchange fund as very good, the exact opposite is true of its net sales. The large buyouts of institutional investors were reflected in

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post-coupon funds SOB Bohatstv (-636.6 million K) and SOB Kvanto combined (-172.8 million K). The total loss of -840.6 mil. K could not be repaired even by the continued good sales of the fund IKS Balancovan (+36.3 thousand. K).

At the other end, there are traditional money market funds with total net sales of +370.9 mil. K and the inflow of funds was also recorded by equity funds (+64.4 mil. K), again thanks to the ISS Sporotrend fund (+78.7 mil. TO).

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesISS-SPOROTREND.1,79%AKRO Svt0,00%
IKS Svtovch index1,56%PI Nov economy0,04%
ISS-EUROTREND1,41%PI farm. a biotech.0,23%
BondsAMSLICO stredoeurp.1,18%IKS Plus bondov0,00%
SOB Quantity korunov0,80%ISS-S corportn 0,18%
ISS-BONDINVEST0,73%PI corporation. bond0,30%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND1,71%
ICS Fund Fund1,33%
Pennho MarketPI Pennho Market0,10%Pioneer-Sporokonto0,04%
ISS SPOROINVEST0,09%SOB Entries0,03%
IKS Penn trh0,05%
SmenUNDER Kilov2,11%AKRO rules. dividend-0,13%
UNDER Stedoevropsk1,93%AKRO energetic-0,11%
IKS Balancovan1,80%AKRO kapitl. vnos-0,11%
is sales of mil. KISS SPOROINVEST212,2SOB Bohatstv-636,6
IKS Penn trh157,5SOB Quantity combined-172,8
ISS-SPOROBOND106,0SOB Quantity korunov-123,2

Zdroj: UNIS

Unlike domestic funds in the statistics of the Union of Investment Companies, one week has elapsed with the fund ING KBC / SOB (at least as far as the same sales are concerned). Among ING funds, ING Czechs clearly have a risky but profitable share (dividends with the DIS ending of +83.7 million CZK, growth with the CAP ending of +63.4 million CZK) and together the funds recorded certain sales in vi. K 169 / mil. + 428.6 million K.

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