he also lived in small apartments

The quality of living in the Czech Republic in the developed countries, the mountains is the size of the apartment. The average living area of ​​the apartment is slightly less than fifty meters square, while the European average is more than half as high.

How he lived and lived in the Czech Republic

While driving in the sixth years consisted of traditionally inhabited flats with a layout of 1 + kk in innovative houses, in the seventies the mass construction of prefabricated houses began. The spn continued in the eighties. It has grown to be typical of a large concentration of inhabitants and one-room flats with central heating. The typical panel apartment is considered to be 3 +1 with an area of ​​about 50 meters square. At the turn of the nineties, the new houses were built mainly by a new entrepreneur, and for their ponies there was a rather badly marked “entrepreneurial baroque”.

In the first half of the nineties, housing construction was not possible. For comparison, while in 1993 the construction of only seven and a thousand new flats began, in 2000 the construction of more than thirty thousand new flats was started and last year even over thirty – three thousand flats. Among other things, the available mortgage vry is behind the revival of construction in recent years. This year, the construction boom is particularly peaking, and demand is artificially driven by fears of rising VAT and mortgages at a record rate.

Dwellings built in R (number of dwellings in thousands)

Zdroj: esk statistick ad

How does the demand for real estate

It is interesting to watch how they like real estate according to their location. Going in 2002 was a big deal about real estate on the outskirts of the city. In 2004, the demand for real estate in the center began to grow, largely due to foreign recipients. In 2006, there was an increase in the number of apartments for investment. Recently, in some areas, there has been a tendency to “go back to the city. People are interested in real estate in the center not on the outskirts of large cities.

The quality of living in R is good, but the apartments are small

The following table lists several basic parameters characterizing the household facilities. In each of them the Czech Republic is above the European average, among the countries of Central Europe it is even the best in all indicators.

Quality living in Europe
household equipment (in%)

ZemRunning waterWCBath / showercentrln vytpn
esk republika98,595,495,581,7
European prmr93,388,288,772,7

Zdroj: Housing Developments in European Countries, 2004
Note: N / A = not available

With the size of the eskch apartment it is a bag of mountains. Compared to the other countries mentioned, it is well below the European average, as well as flats were inhabited only by Poles. The countries of the Baltics and Hungary are better off, and in Denmark the average living area of ​​the apartment is no more than double.

If we look back at the size of Czech flats, then according to S in 1960 the average size of living space was 35.3 meters square, in 1980 it was 42.7 meters and in 1991 45.9 square meters. At present, it exceeds the limit of fifty meters tverench.

The size of the apartment in the countries of Europe
ZemLiving area of ​​the apartment (m2)Poet roomPoet osob
esk republika49,32,72,64
European prmr76,53,62,6

Zdroj: Housing Developments in European Countries, 2004
Note: N / A = not available

Msn’s living expenses are still low

Msn spent on housing takes up an average of 17.2 percent of their family budget. In the future, they will increase and become closer to other countries of the European Union, where at present, according to other expenses, living on a family budget reaches an average of 21 percent. In the countries of Western Europe, this share is between 22 and 26 percent, the highest in Belgium, where it reaches 26.6 percent. The lowest burden of living expenses per capita in Malta (8.4 percent) is very long, even in the United Kingdom (9.69 percent).

The data given is based on the first publication published by GE Money Bank.

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