He dropped his gas stations and office, and the court would hear witnesses a week

A total of twenty-eight looted robberies and other criminals, which took place firmly in another Moravia and in Brno, are according to the coverings of Zdenk Kynra. Today, the Regional Court in Brno started to seize his case. Witness to Kynr’s crime is so great that he will be interrogated all week.

Hailing from Slovakia, he dealt mainly with the offices of Fortuna and Tipsport, but also with petrol stations and erotic goods stores. He caused more than a million codes.

“The operator was threatened by a silver pistol. In Brno, Zvonace even fired a gas pistol into the ground once, causing it to become life-threatening. He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and cannot be heard due to his mental state, ”described the senior representative Jaroslav Kubea.

Kynra in court in a stubborn case, but he testifies against him, among other things, the smell of traces captured in other places.

The defendant’s police landed in the run-up at Pelhimov’s office last year. For this and the perpetrator sent to the district court for three years for me. Gradually, however, it became clear that they were overwhelmed by their long range. Many of them were postponed because the perpetrators could not be found for a long time.

A number of witnesses testified in court, including Martina Klimkov, an employee of the Hodonn exchange office. “When I opened the morning, he suddenly stood behind him in the hood. He had a gun on me and wanted me to unlock the safe. Then he ripped off a landline and wanted me to give him a cell phone battery. He locked it and affixed a sign to the shop that it was closed for technical reasons, ”the witness described one of the excesses of the defendant.

He took 244 thousand crowns from the directive. The perpetrators are threatened and married fifteen years old.

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