He loves pasta, prepares it in all ways and is famous

Markus Holzer is one of the most famous Italian cuisines of today. His program La prova del cuoco was broadcast on Italian television. At the same time, he is a modest boy who has a Jora hut on a ski slope in Innichen in northern Italy. How does he do business?

It is important for them to make his meals simple. I claim that if there are many flavors on one melter, everything tastes the same in the finale. Take ingredients from as close as possible and, for example, vegetables. He is in pmm contact with producers, farms and breeders to know as much as possible about the products he uses. And sometimes he tries to influence the resulting taste. Give them shit in their work, the cook smiles, his approach to food preparation gives him glory all over Italy.

You specialize in pasta. In your restaurant Jora you can also taste a special multi-course evening menu Pasta on the rock. For first pasta?
Because I love them. And I have fun. Research different npln, different colors, different shapes. The favorite psadou is erven epa. I prepare my macaroni, pagetas, ravioli, South Tyrolean tatiky schlutzkrapfen. You can basically taste what you come across in Italy.

Jin Tyrol, where you come from, is a culinary region. There are 19 Michelin-starred cuisines per million inhabitants. So everything after this award?
My restaurant stands on the ski slope in Innichen, we are open mainly for lunch, people often reach us – we have to bring them here by scooter or we have to go out, so we are not open every evening. Jora nen type restaurant that pleases Michelin stars.

Lyam we have to offer a classic lyask menu, for example everything, and it’s nothing to discover. Of course, we have interesting dishes that I won with, but it probably won’t work. Once or twice a week, we will be very creative, here I will be as creative as possible. But I have to admit that michelinsk hvzda m lk. And this restaurant is exempt. But I’m young, don’t rush you.

Did you always know that you want to be a cook?
I always ate and there was something to taste, my parents had a restaurant in Sexten. From an early age, I moved around in the kitchen, tasting, helping cooks, and because I ate, it was natural that I would one day become a cook.

I graduated from high school, graduated and started studying cooking. Most of the training takes place in such a way that the hunter persists in various restaurants and gains of experience. I went out into the world. For example, to Munich to the famous Knigshof restaurant, to Targa Bistrot Fiorentino in Florence. I went to Thbert’s Michelin-starred chef Norbert Niederkofler in Alta Badia.

And then you went into business. When did you open the restaurant and mountain hut Jora?
Fifteen years ago, my parents opened to Jora. I studied to go, but of course I moved here all the time, especially in the winter, when you need each hand. Tta had been a Lyask instructor for a long time, mma took care of the other restaurant in Sexten. At the arrest, we were a normal lyask cottage, we had classic things, such as zek or csask trhanec. When I started working on it, I changed the menu, I wanted to do something different.

And that’s it. The chat is still full. It is also possible that you are one of the most popular TV chefs.
Urit people come here first because they know from television. Mj kuchask poad was broadcast on Rai 1. We’ve been enemies for a long time, I had to peruit for a while. The woman waited for this day and it was a lot of work. But last year I made about fifty dl. Now it decides whether and when we start again. I arrived mainly pasta on the arrest, which is very important for Italy. Gradually, I introduced other dishes, you from my region.

Jin Tyrol is at the interface between two cuisines – Alpine (Tyrolean) and Italian (Mediterranean) and this creates a very interesting combination. Of course, I use the latest technology in the kitchen, but the traditions are always broken, they are the basis of a rush of concrete food. There are just things that can’t be changed. For example, the base of the local traditional dish schlutzkrapfen (full of tart) must be flour. Otherwise ravioli will form. However, it is possible to experiment with nplnmi.

Which raw material is pro vs in the kitchen?
Olive oil. I can’t see without him. I learned it in Tuscany, where I worked for some time. It’s like a mt car without gasoline. Mslo is great, but they are not attached to anything. There are chefs who use meat with tomatoes, but I don’t like it, it’s a strange combination, or a tradition. I also don’t like to use risotto, it’s a slice and it changes its taste. In general, I use as few ingredients as possible and I am not a supporter of new methods like molecular cuisine.

In business, you know what you have in full?
Discover new combinations and cook so that our guest leaves us with a taste.

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