He started a business with 50 thousand, today the world has a sound and a turnover of 400 million

Tom Juk is one of those people who can keep his word and build his business on it. He founded the first company before 1989 in Sluovice. I always wanted to do business, because my grandfather was a self-employed person, k. He started with 50 thousand crowns. I had an office in the kitchen at home, I missed the chapter, remember.

With his colleague Petr Vitovsky, Tom Juk started a business in the field in the 1990s, in which many would break their teeth. They began to develop technology for intelligent transport so that cities could pass smoothly and without constant waiting on the kiosks.

The first five years were krunch. We reinvested the issued pension and invested it in the development of the company. Consumption has been delayed, notes from Cross Zln with a smile. They hit a time when there was not much going on in the Czech Republic with traffic in the cities. Therefore, they decided to develop and put a transport unit and win orders in the world. This decision turned out to be a tusk.

Probably the most important thing for us is that we delivered the technology outside the truck while driving to Japan to Kbe. If someone had told me years ago that I would take the electronics to Japan, I would probably laugh at him, Tom Juk.

How does your company turn today?
When I include the partner company that belongs to it, it is over 400 million crowns. But I consider it important that today we are commercially active in dark 50 countries.

How did it occur to develop smart transport technology?
I was young and stupid (smch). From this field, I chose the worst technology, which is light signaling on kiovatkch. With that, we shared what gave the company the name Cross as k. The traffic light looks like just light, but making it the first league is not easy in our field.

For example, your transport works in Izmir, Turkey, which has made you a smart city. How does your technology make life easier for those people there?
Mm available tm incredibly sal. The passage of the certified district, where we milled, has been halved for passenger cars, and public transport buses run faster.

Pr will ride faster even on the fly. From the center it takes 21 minut instead of the previous 44 minutes. It’s true?
Yes, it’s something no one has seen. We have used the most sophisticated European style of women used in us, in Scandinavia and in German-speaking countries. When you bring it to me, the markets have not developed automatically, but it is possible to expect it.

How to back such a flow of traffic? Try to piblit the layman.
Simplified eeno, for whatever zen you need information. The kiosks were also equipped with a large number of sensors in order to know how many cars and from which direction they come. And the signal full dynamically adjusts accordingly. So imagine the kiovatka as a ticking clock, when you have 80, 90 seconds to push as many cars as possible out of all directions.

And where does your technology work in Czech?
In half of the regional cities, for example in Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice, Liberec and other cities.

How long does it take to think that the city will go smoothly and the idiots won’t get angry?
The innovated step is tyi and pt years. You have to divide it into two hundred. The first is technology as such, and the second step is the transport of concrete cones, which can be done in many ways, but only the method is good.

How are they?
You can’t learn a good signal that has to be designed on a kiosk. You have to have good traffic inenr and at the same time have a gift from God for that.

What kind of people did you have to surround yourself with to develop technology for smart transport?
They are a people who do not want to divide the work and penet of paper from city A to city B. It is a fortress and technically educated people.

How do you rode your ideas?
After nights, outside, in the morning, you basically have to t t. Npad is five percent of what needs to be done then. But those five percent are the longest percent.

What does spch mean for vs?
that I can fulfill my dreams, produce what I dreamed. And we have a lot of such products in the company. When I drank with a nade, I was told: It’s just, it won’t work. It didn’t always work out, but 80 percent did it.

Have you ever wanted and enough, I’d rather get a job?
I said that many times, I had an offer on a high bike. But I would take it as a loss.

Have you ever thought about selling the company?
I received offers to buy the company many times, especially recently. First they went once a year, then for a quarter of a year, then tm kad msc. Natst allowed it because it was uncomfortable for me. I didn’t want to and I don’t want to sell the company, the company is not just for two families. Both families think about how long and if there will be any successors. Our children have a great time to continue.

Are u vs people satisfied, don’t hide in m?
Until recently, we had fluctuations well below five percent. At present, it has risen a bit, but it can be completed darkly. The lengths range from 20 to 50 thousand gross in the range of professional positions

Do you consider yourself a rich hunter today?
I think I’ll find thousands of ways to make money easier and better. I don’t think either. I think I paid a lot for it.

Zail are you a human whistle?
Today and every day from cities I wouldn’t expect. It is an esk phenomenon, but not only an esk. I travel a lot, the degree of seeing, for example, in a village is against the mountains to go.

How do you cope? How is the elite?
No way, the hunter can’t do anything about it, because he can’t fight it. It is not always one hundred percent, especially with long-term employees who know how thorny we are. Their message vs what it was all about, but it’s so in.

How do you plan to get the energy to continue doing business?
I have an iron rule that I work hard 4.5 days a week and the bird in the afternoon and weekend is a holiday.

How are your ambitions?
Our company is firmly rooted in Europe. And I don’t know if it’s a bike for me or for a generation, but I would like to put the company firmly on the world map.

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