He was comfortable and exchanged his fame in London for a spn bistro in Prague

The producer of Depeche Mode, David Bowie and Massive Attack could enjoy comfort and fame in his native London. Instead, Tim Simenon and his friend Luke Netuil opened a bistro in Prague’s Vinohrady, offering masses of balls. Sm su va i serves.

Tim from London, for twenty-seven years he devoted himself to the musical career of the producer and composer of electronic dance music under the nickname Bomb The Bass. But he went to Prague so often, and decided to open a bistro Brixton Balls, which specializes in meatballs.

Have anyone been able to buy masses of bullets and got to know the famous producer vs. BombThe Bass?
Yes, but I probably sweat when regular customers come here because they like us.

I don’t think so. You were a very spn british performer. What led you to open a bistro in Prague?
Food and music go hand in hand for me. I tried various dishes and styles. As a music producer, I traveled a lot and tasted a lot of things. I have always rd vail, I learned it sm, just like in music I am self-taught. I love music and food wholeheartedly.

What music do you listen to when you’re coming?
I have such a mix, things I listened to as dt, electronic music, movie soundtracks from the 60’s and 70’s. Just vehochu.

How does a hunter learn something so long that it starts to feed him?
You have to love this activity and try to stick to it all around. Rd um um, I don’t mind mistakes, I can get something from them too.

You’re done with the pesto. Sun?
Brixton Balls sails for me, I have nothing else to do. In addition, I only need to do one more time at a time, I need to concentrate fully.

You first visited Prague during the turn with Depeche Mode. Did you know that you would stay here then?
That was in 1998, on e The Singles. I drove to Prague again about those years ago, I was in Vienna. That’s when I wanted to travel the world and produce music. London grew inspired and I liked to marry him and work with all sorts of musicians in different countries. First I moved to Amsterdam, then to Vdn, from where I often went to Prague.

I often went to the Divinis restaurant, where I met Luke, the current business partner. He worked there as a nk, once we got into ei and an idea arose for a joint venture. I was happy because it was a reason to stay in Prague, which I fell in love with.


In the next issue, which will be published on December 15, you will have an interview with pianist Luke Vondrek.

Do you know that you started a business in gastronomy because you honored yourself as a musician?
I worked in the music industry for twenty-seven years. I sat in the studio in front of the pot for most of the time. I wanted to work with my hands, create something to touch him. Yes, I’ve had enough.

As a producer, you have collaborated with the best in the world, with Depeche Mode, Sinad OConnor, David Bowie and Massive Attack. And then you opened a small bistro where you wake up and serve anyone who comes here. This is quite a life change.
I’m not here, we’re here with Luke five days a week. Vn rd with long hands and in society people who mm rd. When I don’t know, I want to realize it sm. Delegating such a bike to someone else would make sense to me. It was the same in music, I worked on the track from its inception to the end. Asi rd du.

In the past, you only lasted a while in one town. Do you think goodbye to Prague in the future?
I would be a little crazy. Luke and I have invested a lot of energy in our business, he can’t leave it. Plus, I’m happy to get to work. They are a language for me, because I can’t speak Czech, I just understand words.

A number of people tried the inverted model, that is, in London, they worked in the hospitality industry, then they fidgeted and often claimed that we did not realize how comfortable we were in Prague.
It is true. You have to work really hard in London, but first because I flew there for a long time, I made a difference. I didn’t want to drink about all the inspiration and zest for life. I’m so excited about our bistro, just like I used to enjoy music. Making and storing music is a similar process for me. Investigate the ingredients that are thrown in there, if and how to taste the food or the composition, while not killing their natural quality. Vokl, drums, sound effects remind me of the raw materials from which you.

Why is the bistro’s own name called Brixton Balls?
Not a deep philosophy in the dark, we just played with different names. Brixton is a fort in another London where I went. We meet put the company around the corner, again it will be called Brixton, but the change will be different.

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