How a criminalist in the cracks of the streets vl with pockets

V praskch ulicch d destky kaps, denn proti nim vyr pr policist pevleench za turisty. Go to the thieves in restauracch, pronsleduj it in the meter. The editor of Magazna DNES tden hunted with them.

Let’s sleep her on Florenc, a tall dark anorexic with long bony hands, a dog shoulder leather jacket – a sign. When boarding the bus, it seems pointless to look at the house with a handbag – he gave clues.

“What about the mind?” hisses one of the criminalists. “She’s clear,” the species replied.

At the last moment, let’s go to the bus behind us. As soon as the doors slam, the policeman suspected the pistols and your service badges.

“J didn’t do anything, vn!” The girl stumbled, then the banknotes crumpled in her fingers, shoved them behind the seat, as if she needed to get rid of them in a hurry.

Policeman raise his voice: “Is that a wallet ?!” “My.” “No!” There is also a family photo in the penny.

“Who is it?” “Cousin.” The only suspected girl is a Romani woman and from the photo she has a tooth block. And right next to the two hidden discount cards to the drugstore, in a foreign name.

“So that’s the penny ?!” “Stolen…” the girl admits with a semi-etching. A policeman from the special darkness of the Pocket to Detect Poultry Crimes has given him a full impact.

Arriving for tourists, stroll the streets through the cracks every day, look around, guess potential packers (perpetrators), watch them for a quiet hour, and when they read that they want to “make” a geschenk (tourist), they will go out. Sunny glasses, T-shirts, days and sneakers – from normal pedestrians only if they have a hidden weapon, badge and elzka at their time.

Nobody called for the stolen money, so we take the thief out of the bus and, in private, the nearest staff. Don’t worry, it is said that he steals because of heroin, he is vertical.

They click on me at the station and the information in secret falls out that she was tried for her pocket heart. Take dn elvka. The young forensic scientist Ondej draws up the report, the old Petr ptr after the owner, the only one telefont. When the robbed old man comes to the police station, he is moved.

The thief “did” her a minute before, we didn’t find her on the bus. “It happened on the stairs by the subway. I felt him reach into my purse, and then she ran away. I only stood for it, ”he describes.

Happy ending. If it was an episode from Crimiseril, start with subtitles. Nm but the promise does not end, we are going to hunt dl. To the subway.

SafeHow to clean the subway
The transfer station of the Muzeum, the metro trains shine here and there every minute, let’s get used to it, we can have it or not.

“In winter, there are about fifty classic pockets in Prague, twice as much. Here in the subway the most d Romanians. The tactics are always the same, step up to get on, guess the victim, and when it says “finish entry and get on”, at the last moment they will meet the same two. It creates pressure and confusion, and at the same time it’s giant, he got off at the station, ”to Ondej.

At that moment the train was put on drink, from which a stream of people and also three sndch hairs. Not to blink, the detective is uncompromisingly behind his jacket and turning his head to the wall.

“Stt! Don’t move! ” Luxury watches, mobile phones, rays from pockets and also Romanian passports fall on the floor. Hardness and force are adequate, this is a well-known band, they all have a rolled-up newspaper or empty plastic bags with them – it gave an invitation sign. During the event, cover your fingers with them, when you snuggle into other people’s handbags and pockets. to do it “tro”.

“What about mvt kidneys? get there sm! ” Ondej’s voice raises.

That’s because they pocket fetches, they have injectors with them and a puppet and HIV on them.

This time we have a pity, the thieves did not have time to feed them. A forensic scientist decides to take them to the maid’s office in Bartolomjsk Street, where we can find out from the fingerprint if Interpol is out of sight. They pull out the elzka and tie the group to each other, also a comic matesk kolka is created.

The station finally finds out that they are sure. Prozatm.

“Where are you going?” ask one by one when they return their passports.

“House,” the thieves answer in double ethina.

Of course lou. But at least we did a good deed, it will be safe for two and three hours in the subway, the pockets will inform each other in text messages, the gang will not dare to go underground.

What will we give?

“Let’s go to KFC in Vodikov street. They called out that they had a cunt recorded on the video, ”Petr decides.

In a miniature office nm manaer restaurant handcuffs a movie with a classic scene. Two riders chew on pieces and drink cola, a joint with a friend and not at all that a thief is crawling behind her walls. At the first moment, she spins her purse on top of her shoes, bends over, touches her wallet, and disappears. One, two, you – and it’s painted.

“Meme si ten zznam sthnout?” ptaj se policeman.

The manager agrees and does not forget to add: “Meme vs invite to a little prompt, pnov?”

Let’s catch a lot of similar offers in a day. All the crooks and the innkeepers were desperate from where they were in the center of Prague, my police guides cleaned the business and the owner is theirs. Let’s refuse Vtina forever, otherwise we wouldn’t drink anything but cola and kvu. Here the bag settles for a minute, there is a good view of the street.

Eight thousand thousand crowns a day
“I shine my rules,” Ondej said, as he kept looking at the streets. “Dr. Romanians and also Rusov, a very serious-looking new driver, joined the metro, and a young Czech group from the Ostrava region joined them. Kavrnm manages Alani, they specialize in deferred things, where they defer them. often they just take out their wallet, take out their payment card, withdraw money from an ATM within a minute, make a lightning purchase in the shop for thousands of plates and the card is drilled again. Krde, find out from the entry here. U smnren had with falenmi forinty Bulhai a Polci, tm se k ruliki. ”

“How much did such a thief spend?” ptm se.

“Enough. For one rulic we poured entries from Western Union. Denn sent in foreign exchange and 80 thousand. ”

“What about those pensions?”

“Play slot machines, fetishize, go to bridesmaids, buy characters dressed up and sponsor your family. He lived in hotels, constantly moving. When the pope knew, we were without work, we all pulled into me. There was peace in Prague when the European Football Championship was played, because it was stolen in Vienna and Vienna. ”

“Whose pocket do you choose most often?”

“Old women with handbags, preferably made of leatherette, she will be known for a while. Of the tourists, the Japanese are the most popular, not at all. They don’t dare to young Englishmen, don’t let anything beat you and fight. ”

I want to ptt dl, but Peter slips down the street again and says, “Look at him, scumbag!”

A boy with a mustache will take care of the walkway neurotically, taking something for a young tourist with a backpack. Bme for nm. “Police! Evidence! ” Peter puts on the hair and fastens it to the waist. Nco tu.

“What did I do? What do you want?” “Evidence! No discussion! ” The hair is in the pocket, he cuts out his mobile phone and small things. “Nothing! It’s ikana! ” he shouts angrily.

“You cut my pockets!” ned sebt policeman. The hair bends into his pockets again, he seems to be really sure. I have a feeling that Petr did it with that force. But he’s like in a trance and he forces the hairy man to literally turn his pockets. And lo and behold with a naked hand.

Take pn your dealer.

Pouci, blzni to kvtini

One day we don’t stop, other times nothing happens at all. The tourist shelled the pictures with a crack of memory, but the pockets probably took a vacation. Totln dead. Let’s sit on the benches for a while and watch the chirping. Vclavk – this is asn panopticon. At Pkop you will meet an elephant woman, two with ugly clouds. “I have a normal family who wants to take care of her, but she fights, she’s happy with the homeless,” Ondej said.

“And this is where God goes,” he points to the cap in his cap, the black eyebrows, and the blue koili with the variegated badges, and even the shoe at his waist. “He plays on the back of the konka, skips tourists, checks their ID cards and passports. When they don’t have them with them, they take them to the police station. I have a pad in my pocket, when the cops sleep and have coffee for coffee, put them. He wants to be the police president. ”

And the sovereign leader? “Probably the one who called him, he found a military envoy. When we come to us, there is an old vacuum cleaner standing next to it. Let’s ask: is that the posting? On ept: pesn, vojci tu urit maj manvry! When we understood that we wouldn’t pass it, we loaded the vacuum cleaner with a horseshoe and threw it around the corner into a container. Only in a moment did he call again that he had received a second post. Of course in that container… ”

“Look, this is where the flower goes,” criminologist Petr points to a small hump. “We caught it when he stole a piece of cacti in the flower garden just before our winter.”

Coincidentally, a day later we are walking along Vclavské nmst and the hump-flowers cut it directly against nm. Watch sm – with both flowers with ornamental keem.

At the waist Svtozor criminologist again intervene, displeased they chubby Polk with a pork neck. After a lightning personal search, we discover a bundle of Hungarian forints. U vm, rulik. Before the change, offer people euros or dollars at a suitable rate. Sweep the banknote, the smash is fixed into the ruler by an elastic band, which in a critical time is magically exchanged for a very similar ruler – only in your euro only the upper part, the rest are either worthless forints, invalid Bulgarian lev or created paragons.

“One gentleman drank one hundred and fifty thousand crowns like this. kme people under, never change pensions on the street! But don’t get honored “Ondej.

As if I honored skepticism in his voice. When I ask, admit that they are a little helpless. That’s right: in order to get a pocket behind me, you have to grab it right next to it, that is, at the moment when someone reaches into their pocket or purse.

How many times will it work? Once, twice a week. The policeman is small, he knows his pockets, he takes pictures of his mobile phones and warn each other about them. It is almost a sight that a criminalist can sneak up on them several times a day, km away. However, a small man with a pocket for a small danger in custody is not half the field, also a thief returns to the street and steals and makes tens of thousands. Then the court comes to court.

“He wants to be deceived, how will it turn out? Come with them, “offer me both criminologists. Act as witnesses in court.

The judge starts one, but the accused, known to the company, immediately warns that his lawyer did not appear and does not want to testify without him. The rise turns out that the lawyer is traveling somewhere in Moravia and will not be able to do so once. With a sigh, the judge sighed once, the detective did not even get the word out.

“That’s normal,” to Ondej. “Pt did not arrive at the court with a pocket, again it was about the MSc, and he will be convicted. He will receive a condition or a penalty for which he issued in two afternoons. And when we catch him in the morning, he’s going to sit hard. Just get me a maximum sentence of two years, also sit down and return to the street. ”

Jet luxury conditions for work with us have grasps from abroad. In order to avoid getting out of the Czech Republic, take a lot of asylum, also here my baptism of other subjects. Of course, they do not get asylum, only then are they escorted to fly. And then?

“They leave the house, buy fake documents, stop to change only one dog in their name, and drop out of the register. Well, we’re back at msc. ”

With the rolled-up newspaper, she poured into a subway car and put her fingers in a stranger’s purse or pocket.

You just got to you.

(The names of criminologists are due to their secret change.)

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