How are you an investor?

Each investor has a different idea of ​​what his portfolio should look like, from which investment instruments it should be composed and how potential return the investment should be. Related to this is the risk that you, as an investor, are willing to take and that is acceptable to you due to the expected return. So where do you belong and where should you go with your resources?

Not only is he willing to take the risk of high losses just because the stock market is currently doing well, and especially the Czech Republic has not stopped at the forefront of its growth. In addition, the Czech investor, who in principle has a certain aversion to shares and similar risky assets, which are for him an embarrassing loss and prefers a small but safe investment such as money market funds, guaranteed funds, etc.

This is of course in the horseshoe, but sometimes it is not a risk to take a little risk, which does not mean putting all the pensions into action and waiting for the gods to be in a year. The basis of the rush is the creation of a portfolio that will contain both risky assets creating space for general profit on the one hand, and my risks (and at the same time input) forms of investment, which fully fulfills the kind of security. The difference between individual types of investors is then only in the proportion of individual assets.

Depending on the degree of risk acceptance, investments are then made in several groups. It is simply divided into t groups:

  • conservative investments – careful, fixed portfolio of their funds, especially those hedged or exchanged for the money market, the case of bonds and shares,
  • vyven profilovan investoi – usually preferring bonds or exchange funds, but the proportionate position in the portfolio is taken up by shares or equity funds and then by a safe form of investment,
  • Dynamit invests – willing to take risks, usually invest in stocks and equity funds, or other types of income but dangerous assets, such as futures, options, etc.

In general, it is probably necessary to advise in which assets the investor should invest his funds and in what proportion. This is a very subjective matter, and if you have to deal with it (when he doesn’t want to solve it, he chooses a catch fund, but even here I can choose different combinations). It is better to focus on which types of assets and to what extent each type of investment will give, or will not be able to meet their intentions.

Mare you at risk?

Do not earn pensions in banks. The value is in the funds.
Catch funds – special area.

If you belong to the group of investors who prefer a high return and you are willing to take a risk because of it, the share of your portfolio should be stocks, or the funds will be exchanged for this type of security. Recently, the world stock market has not been very successful, which was mainly due to the rising price of oil, which affects developments around the world. From this development, the company could turn the oil industry into energy and energy.

At present, however, the card is turning and the price of oil has gradually begun to fall, which has a positive effect on the stock markets. The results of the US elections have a positive effect on the USA and Europe, and last but not least, good macroeconomic results also have an impact on rising event prices. Da is mainly a technological action, on the contrary, actions in the field of pharmacy and biotechnology are currently doing quite well.

The clear favorites among the shares are currently the shares of the company in Central and Eastern Europe, where, of course, the domestic market. Czech stocks have a positive period for a long time, which slowly gives me the impression that at any moment the bubble bursts and there is a sharp correction of the market. On the other hand, analysts are advocating for an increase in final prices in their investment recommendations, which has created the illusion that the established trend of eclipse is not over. The good results do not suggest that the company should change anything in the near future.

The only risk factor may be the government’s decision to privatize the Czech Telecom through the capital market, which once proved to be a bad signal for investors, and this could then start a wave of flat sales on the market. This fact could be water for a small number of investors who are currently struggling to invest due to high prices, and this correction could be a positive impetus for them to buy.

The best performing equity funds in R for just
Zamen a nzev fondVknostnost for msc in%Zamen a nzev fondVknostnost for msc in%
Globln – Activest Lux TrendWorld4,62Technologie – KBC Equity – Internet8,46
USA – Franklin Aggresive Gth1,31Zlato – Capital Invest Gold Stock9,23
Evropa – Credit Suisse EF Small Cap Europe2,88Farmacie – PI farm. a biotechnologie-0,84
Asie – Pioneer Japanese Equity-0,08Biotechnologie – ESPA Stock Biotech.-1,51
Vchodn Evropa – ING Intl CZK Equity5,94Suroviny – ABN Amro Global Resources5,13

If you decide to invest in equity funds, it pays to exchange the funds first in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, or to swap globally funds. Shares in the USA are not thrown away, especially technological titles.

Commodities can be a risky instrument suitable for a dynamic investor, where it is currently proving to be a real investment in gold. Although gold has reached a 16-year high and recorded tremendous growth during the year, there is still a growing potential, which is mainly supported by the declining dollar. It should continue in the near future. The economic impetus in Asia will be the impetus, which is increasing its demand and, last but not least, the relatively low supply will help gold, which is pushing up the price of yellow metal as demand increases.

Veho moc kod

In addition to stock prices, investors looking to create a portfolio will be particularly interested in the development of the bond markets and the related performance of bond funds. Here the situation was not in the stock market. The bond only succeeded, the turnover in the oil market did not help the price of the bond and their exchange rates fell at the end of the month with the falling price of oil. In the future, the development of prices in the USA will be influenced mainly by the movement of the US dollar exchange rate, so they may be affected by macroeconomic consequences, the impact of the development of oil prices, and their overall decline.

The most powerful bond funds in R for just
Zamen a nzev fondVknostnost for msc in%Zamen a nzev fondVknostnost for msc in%
R – Conseq bonds1,31USA – ESPA Bond USA2,28
Vchodn Evropa – Credit Suisse BF Emerging Eur1,72Svt – ESPA Portfolio Bond1,34
Evropa – ESPA Bond Euro Corp1,82Developing markets – Pioneer Emerg. Market Bd1,99

Bond prices in Europe have been influenced by developments in the oil market, but not by the development of the euro and dollar exchange rates. In the future, the stagnation or slight decline in prices and performance of bonds in the traditional EU countries is expected. A similar development is likely in R, on the contrary, in Poland or Hungary, there is a real increase in bond prices, which will be affected mainly by changes in annual rates in these countries.

Due to the anticipated development, it is similar to the event to focus more on the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. From this assumption, the recommended investment is also in the fund, which focuses on the markets of the new European Union.

Jistota nade and

Investing in the fund is finally simplified.

For conservative investors, money market funds are probably the most interesting form of investment after hedge funds, in which money market instruments, government bonds, treasury bills and other short-term securities with short maturities and short-term risks play a major role. Due to low rates, investing in assets in the US and Western Europe currently does not prove to be very appropriate. In contrast to the EU, there is a clear assumption of an increase in rates in the USA, as evidenced by the recent increase of 25 points. The European Central Bank has not yet considered similar steps and stagnation is expected.

The most powerful money market funds in R for just
Zamen a nzev fondVknostnost for msc in%Zamen a nzev fondVknostnost for msc in%
Evropa – Raiffeisen Euro Liquid


USA – Pioneer USD Short-term


For us, the situation is similar to that in the EU, while rates in Poland, Slovakia or Hungary are much more suitable. It is therefore better to focus on investing in these markets, which may be much more suitable from the point of view of the home investor. There is a large number of funds focused on these locations in the offer of investment companies, and this may not be a bad choice in the future.

On top of that, it is only necessary to add that which form of investment you decide on is only up to date, and this article can only be considered as a small guide to the most natural investment products in our country. Of course, we did not include all kinds of investments here. The point is to focus on the basic investment methods from which you were born, or I know them.

Which group of investors do you belong to? Do you plan to secure the investment, or do you prefer risk and return? Drink your experience.

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