How attractive will it offer? Prague overtook New York and Singapore

How attractive the country is in terms of working conditions and baldness was shown by a global study by Adecco. According to them, the Czech Republic is the best of all the central, entrance and other parts of Europe.

It ranked 25th out of 119.

On the contrary, should the Czech Republic improve in order to withstand international competition in the future? It would be more desirable to accept talented employees from abroad, you tolerance of names and more effective mutual cooperation between companies, kndi Wysoglad, director of Adecco R.

According to the Czech Republic, the most attractive country in the world for work is Switzerland, followed by Singapore, the USA, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The study assessed individual countries on the basis of their ability to attract, develop and strike talented workers. First of all, you determine how competitive the country is.

According to research, most countries have something in common: it is a quality education system that combines classic formal education with modern project education. And so the business environment with the right regulation. At the top of the list, they also have in mind the idea of ​​an effective employment policy that combines flexibility and a high degree of social security. And it actively supports both international and social mobility.

Within the individual categories, the Czech Republic performed best in its ability to hit talented workers, ranking 17th. The main reason is the high security gap, according to the high level of social and pension security and, last but not least, good living, health and hygiene conditions, comments the results of the study Ondej Wysoglad.

Prague overtook New York or Singapore

The survey thus assessed the work attractiveness of 90 selected world cities. Prague ranked 25th and thus surpassed metropolises such as New York, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Singapore and the city of Prague. At the same time, offer quality living conditions to Wysoglad HR. In addition to Prague, from the Czech cities, Brno was also included in the survey, which ranked 51st.

The study thus highlighted the future of the labor market, which in the current period is driven by rapid technological innovation and is characterized by variability and uncertainty. Assuming that organizations will gradually reduce the number of employees in the main employment, and, conversely, increase the number of freelancers.

People will work in an environment in which they will normally change jobs frequently, or work for several companies at once. The next generation of loved ones requires high flexibility of work. Don’t want to take on a single employer and prefer to work on more projects at several companies, explains the director Adecco R.

The ups and downs of the study are clear. I recommend that organizations, cities and states start working better and better with the diversity of the team, ie connecting a diverse personality with a different distance, origin or life experience, which can be pleasantly inspired and complemented. And at the same time set up anti-discrimination mechanisms and equal attention to the views of all employees.

Governments should focus on creating educational systems that develop social skills and the ability to work together and stimulate openness and intercultural exchange.

The global study The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) was conducted by the Adecco Group in cooperation with The Business School for the World and Tata Communications. The first experts from these companies evaluated and analyzed the individual criteria of employees around the world.

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