How long to meet the vry

Dear, fast. That is clear and logical. Nap. Consumer consumer for 14% pa is good to repay as soon as possible, because we still pay from hot years. Let’s splurge so much. Cheap vry as long as possible? That’s exactly the controversy.

Imagine an unreal, almost fairy-tale fall. When nm nkdo pj bezron and will want to pay back at once. You can choose the maturity period. Urit we will choose as long as possible maturity. In terms of time, the same pension will have less and less value. When two of them can be combined with the necessary stack, we can store it (for example, in the money market fund), and we will get the return. Then we drill only the drip and keep the inlet.

It will be similar when the heat is gradually fulfilled. So we would choose the longest possible maturity period and use the reduced value of pensions when meeting, or take advantage of the fact that we can better evaluate them. What if nm does not drink as in the previous example, but in 1% of the year? We will behave the same in this case. year 1% is definitely not an investment and not an income that we can achieve. What will you ever get out of the heat? Where is the line between cheap and expensive weather? To assess whether it is cheap or expensive, you need to take into account all the factors that affect the price of the fee (rate, support, fees). So bad at where we are able to store our resources.

Graf: Different maturity options of the mortgage bond The city of 10 years has a maturity of 15 years and the remaining means of savings (in the amount of 500,000 K, years rate 5% effective year).

Graf: Satisfaction of the maturity with a maturity of 15 years and 10 years According to shows the savings, which is the difference between the installments at different maturities. (For spoen darkness with an input of 8%.)

Nap. vr ve vi 500 000 K meme chtt meet only 10 years. (According to the general motto: I have a shorter maturity period, so we pay me in years.) Although we have to pay only ten years, we can try to extend the maturity period to 15 years and dream of an installment. The rest of the pensions (the difference between the installment for 10 years and 15 years) can be saved. In the dark, at a rate of 5% (including aid). When it is possible to connect with the exchange, we give out. (Let’s drink with low costs, remember with high profits.)

Compliance with short maturities progresses faster. During the maturity period, if we mention the increase in the volume of the combined funds, also the same volume of vr is almost the same. Because we drank cheaply and connected appropriately, we make a profit after five years. When we pay a one-off payment, its balance will be 10,000 CZK lower than at the maturity of 10 years. We released that 10,000 K.

The input would be understandable to you, when we would use you mortgage incl. Entry is required only in the first five years. Of course, it will be repeated for another two or five years and thus reach another dispute. Thus, we have a straight city of maturity of 15 years, a bond of maturity of 20 years.

We potted with an input of 8%. Is it real to reach it? Nap. shares averaged over 10% pa in the long run Yen, what if this is not the case in our specific case? Then let’s go. There is a known risk associated with this procedure hidden in the uncertainty of income from regularly paid pensions. We can achieve interesting insertions, but so drastic losses). The risk would be borne by a portfolio of stocks and bonds and a long-term horizon. Even so, it would not be suitable for anyone (just for fun). A useful tool is the building block. There is even a yield of not 8% in them in the stated example. The input of the building spoen is less than 12%. In addition, the entry is very certain.

excerpt from the book: Personal and Family Finance

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