How much do you pay the insurance company for the obligatory liability

Compulsory ruin, ie the insurance company, without which it is not possible to drive on the road, will offer eleven couplers this year. The novelties are Wstenrot and Hasisk. How did the new competition affect the offer?

Ruen: the price is determined by living in vk
Some conditions were obliged to improve. Who do you pipce more?

Compare the price of compulsory ruen
Will it be better to change, or will it pay to stay with the same insurance company?

Bonus, malus: how it works
The system motivates people to drive without accidents. When will you get a five percent discount?

Police: how are you paid?
Are you going to drive? Check your documents.

How to proceed in case of accidents abroad
Always call the police in your own name. When to sign the protocol?

What is good to know about mandatory liability
How does mandatory liability work? How do the codes not apply?

platit mousse and motorcyclist codes
For a motorcycle, it pays to pay extra for you. For?

Mandatory prices for 2007
Allianz, Calllin, esk podnikatelsk pojiovna, esk pojiovna, Kooperativa, UNIQA
+ SOB Pojiovna, Generali, Triglav, Wstenrot
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