How much ns is worth

vry needs to be met. To drink vru is to drink a bundle that takes a pension well. That is why it is necessary to involve one’s own possibilities. Your future income and expenses. Banks have their requirements to be met, but in most cases the requirements of banks are less than the client’s ideas.

Banks, for example. demand that the client has 1.5 times the living wage left in addition to the payment. The expenses of most clients who apply for a mortgage are you and 1.5 times the subsistence level would not cost them a happy life. In the previous chapters, we recommended that the client try to spoit as much as he will then meet. It gives you an idea of ​​how the road will be fulfilled. Splcen vr is a long-term relationship. Ten or so twenty years. By accepting vr, we undertake to meet vr all this time. To do this, we need to get a lot of income all the time, and that limits us.

At K 1 million, the installment will be 7,753 K, at a maturity of 20 years and at a rate of 7% r. In total, we will pay 1,860,000 K for the period of payment. That’s about twice as much as we drank.

which bank is the cheapest, which is the best?

Isn’t the furnace level just very inappropriate?

With an investment of 1 million CZK, we explained that in 20 years much more will be saved, no deposit was required. The absolute amount is not so important, it is important how much he buys for the invested pension. At the level it is exactly the opposite not at the investment level. Let’s pay a lot more there, not how much we drank. It does not matter how much you pay in absolute terms, because it is important what the value of the pension will be (how easily we pay it out). Depending on how much support will help.

In our case, the deduction could be paid for years from the tax base and thus taxed. The spot in the first year would fall to 6,295 K msn. Nominal float is growing. The first year is the highest in the year, ie the highest payment year, ie the highest tax deduction. The tax deduction gradually decreases and therefore the payment increases. In the last year, it is as high as if it were without tax benefits.

Reln spltka gradually decreases over time. In the first year, we pay about 6,300 K. In the twelfth year, we pay about 7,600 K, but in just 20 years, this amount will have far less purchasing power and will form a far smaller system of wages. Let’s break on easier. With inflation at 3%, the purchase price will be less than 4,300 K. Impaired income means that it will become easier and easier to meet. We may ask you how much we will pay in total. It makes sense to have six hundred, because let’s find out how much we pay on the day of the purchase.

The total amount paid (including tax rebates and including the effect of inflation) is 1,224,000 K. Let’s pay a little extra for the pension, but it is far from as much as it seemed without taking inflation into account. As with investments in vr, it is possible to cover an effective year from paid pensions. An effective year can answer the question of how much we actually borrowed.

The relatively effective year of this year is 2.254%. So let’s pay 2.254% above inflation for renting our own flat. Really effective years are currently just above 0% pa Bad for specific years of rates, for the tax rate, for state support and, of course, for future inflation.

Graph: Real and nominal interest in installments of K 1 million with a maturity of 20 years with an annual rate of 7% pa

Today it is possible to get nap. for 5.69%. With a tax capital of 32% and partial support of more than 1 percentage point, the effective year is (nominal) 3.2% pa This will bring us close to the inflation limit. At the level, people are used to asking how much more to pay extra and determine the price of mortgages accordingly. With regard to the effective year and taking into account all available subsidies, mortgages are much cheaper and their effective year is just above inflation. Let’s not drill so much more, we didn’t drink.

Personal and family finances

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