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The pension is not connected to the fact that Czech citizens will make a major contribution to their pensions. Pension funds therefore propose rights. What changes can the pension connection go through?

A survey carried out by the Faktum Invenio agency on a sample of more than a thousand inhabitants showed that the people are interested in the issue of pensions. Oban, if he seems, aware of the demographic threat of a rigid population and its impact on future retirement. On the other hand, they often do not perceive the problem of retirement as acutely, and in most cases rely on the fact that the financial situation of retirees somehow back.

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In particular, the pension bag does not have a supplementary pension supplement. According to the survey, citizens are more concerned with it as a sleep product, not with a tool for a basic security in the form of lifetime pensions. According to the survey, the most frequent payment by a pension supplement, including the employer’s contribution, is a letter.

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Such a bag to get secured on the wall is not enough. Pension funds, meanwhile, are still insufficient to help the pension burden. Therefore, the funds want to calve and intend to file more disputes in the pension scheme even without pension reforms. The following een appear as a number of suggestions for change:

Valorisation sttnho pspvvku

The state contribution was invited only once during the existence of the pension connection. The relay value of the central value thus constantly decreases. Pension funds therefore propose to increase the central contribution and introduce a contribution even for members of more than 500 crowns per month. At the same time, some funds do not want some other spoc products to receive state support, such as share funds.

Snen vku to enter the fund

Currently, only persons over the age of 18 can close the pension supplement. Some funds suggest dreaming of this age limit. Births and grandparents could thus save their children in a pension connection, similarly to building savings or life insurance.

Charged transfer between funds

There is a proposed transfer between funds, which are currently free. The aim of these changes may be to reduce speculative differences between funds motivated by earning a seller’s commission.

Outside motivation for erpn penz

Among the proposals aimed at increasing the motivation for the selection of pensions in one-off settlements, there are proposals for the cancellation of retirement pensions, the introduction of a bonus for those who choose an old-age pension instead of one-off settlements, or the cancellation of tax entry when choosing a pension.

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Separation of pension fund assets and employees

According to some funds, there may be a separation of assets, the pension supplement should be more transparent. At present, some of the costs of the fund are cut in ethnicity. With this measure, the guaranteed entry cation should be canceled.

Employer involved

According to the fund, there should be another increase in tax incentives for employers who contribute to the retirement support of their employees still in the world.

Rzn investin strategy

It is proposed that pensioners can choose between different hedge funds (with different shares) similar to, for example, in Slovakia. Hedge funds with high returns could hit more young clients.

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