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Mr. Leona is the main breadwinner of the family and daily in the car, he wants to provide for children in case she dies. For the husband, Leon has the idea of ​​a daily indemnity in the event of a sudden and lasting consequence. How to secure the saints if the lender could make an accident?

Mr. Leon is 38 years old and is the sales manager of an international company. He is married, m 2 daughters aged 16 and 5 years. With an income of 25,000 K ist, she is the main breadwinner of the family. Manel Mr. Leony is so employed, but to the family budget with a contribution of 15,000 K ist.

Both daughters have a building society with a subsidy of 25%, for which a regular monthly departure of 1,500 K. Leona and its building society was established in 2002, do not send your regular beds there, use these building societies for irregular and extraordinary deposits.

The family lived in their own flat, for which a mortgage is currently being raised with a payment of 7,000 K msn. This mortgage will be repaid within 3 months and Leona wants to ensure the health of the whole family and find a suitable one for itself to create a financial reserve for retirement.


First of all, Leona wants to issue insurance for her daughters. Her idea is that in the event that a daughter becomes one, they will receive a certain amount of compensation from the insurance company for each day when they are damaged once. He wants lasting consequences to be included in the insurance policy.

Since Leona and her husband do not own a insurance company for the time being, they would like to conclude insurance contracts themselves. For the husband, Leon has the idea of ​​only a daily compensation in the event of a sudden and permanent consequence without insurance protection in the event of death.

Nronj is Leon’s bag in the case of its own stamp. Since she is the main breadwinner and daily car driver, she wants to provide children in case she dies. The bag does not want to set insurance protection in the event of death at a very high level, because even in the event of its death, a man’s salary would be sent for a basic payment. Therefore, her requirement is that even in the event of his death, the family does not have to limit itself financially. The idea of ​​insurance in the event of death is 500,000 K.

Its next criterion was the daily age in case of illness, in such a way that during the illness it had at its disposal (in addition to the man’s salary) a financial amount that would cover the longest, which, according to Mr. Leona, is 9,000 K msn.

In the area of ​​creating financial reserves for retirement, Leona is benevolent, she has no special requirements regarding the use of financial institutions or instruments. The only and important criterion is that after retirement he does not want to be modest, to adapt to them and to dream of the life level to which he is accustomed.

1. Even the poor have to invest
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a) once the fuse
We have several options to secure the whole family of insurance policies. For daughters, there is a life insurance policy with a lock. Mr. Leona used the building blocks for the daughters and therefore asked for stamps. So I have the opportunity to close the reindeer stamp to my husband and at the same time connect the stamps for daughters. It is ideal for this goal to choose a product in which we can incorporate all members of the family, with different insurance protections.

Mr. Leona negotiates a daily indemnity for this product at one time and an incapacity for work at 300 K per day (this will meet his requirement of 9,000 K per month) and lasted the consequences, and then connected him once a daily indemnity at 100 K per day and the clock lasted consequences.

As the husband is not the main breadwinner, there is no need for insured work, in the event of his illness, there would not be such a large financial decline. Finally, go into the same contract to incorporate children’s insurance policies for both daughters. For them, the maximum daily compensation and the maximum filling are set in case of permanent consequences, so that in case of a sudden one they get the most possible pain. The fuse assembled in this way will emit approx. 1,000 K on the plug.

b) created financial reserves for retirement
Leona has a lifestyle and a standard that she doesn’t want to discount even after she retires. We must realize the sad fact that the old-age pension does not in the least replace the income he achieves during his active life. You don’t have to take care of her in retirement, you can’t rely on children, so you have to take responsibility for your own retirement and today.

Her only requirement is to add such an amount to the retirement that it will not significantly honor the fall in income when switching from employment to retirement.

Hints and tips

Let’s not underestimate the value of one-off and risk insurance. It serves to financially alleviate the life situation in which they are healthy.

Pay gold as a rule, and in the case of insurance we pay for what we do not want to happen.

If possible, we will once again connect more people in one contract, including pensions for fees and contract management.

Let’s get ahead, if we want to be in our retirement age, it’s good to load it today.

Let’s not resort to the traditional variants of spoons, where we also have variants of others, and often more effectively.

Let’s always have our financial programs tailor-made every day and let them adapt to changes in life.

Leonin gross msn pjem in 35 000 K, ie 25 000 K istho. Leon is 38 years old and expects to retire at 65. At the same time, he wants to reduce his retirement age a bit, so he sweats that disputes should last for at least 15 years.

When we take into account Leonina piblinho’s future retirement, her age and the time she would spend in retirement, we find that even in the equilibrium of income incomes in the retirement errors a total of about 2,200,000 K. There are several ways to save this amount. It is possible to use a pension supplement with a state contribution, a life insurance with tax deductions, share certificates, which are against tax profit, etc. Each variant has its only advantages, but also its shortcomings. These features have one thing in common, provided that they are regularly linked to the customs period, in which case until retirement, ie up to 65 years.

It will take place for one special unit, where Leona would need 2,200,000 K, but regular intervals would not have to be paid for up to 65 years, but she would only send them for 10 years.

This is possible with the use of the so-called self-financing effect. Leona will send pensions to two worlds for 10 years, one of which will be a life insurance policy, in which it is also appropriate to include insurance coverage in the event of death from any pin (this parameter will often be cheaper here, not on a separate risk insurance). ) and the latter will be selected under the leaves.

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After Leona will invest 3,200 K msn for investment life and 2,100 K msn in the mutual fund for 10 years, such a large financial reserve will be created on this sub-certificate that it will be self-financing for the remaining period, ie for 17 years. Investin life insurance and Leon’s pocket will not cost her a penny.

We had 7,000 K at our disposal: 1,000 K ns table punch, 2,100 K loka for sub-sheets and 3,200 K loka for investment insurance. Seteno and podtreno, 6 300 K. We complied with the limit, met the requirements and, in addition, traveled for 17 years.

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