How to overcome your debts

Buyers of vr will still get more and more fans. Many of them have enough debt for problems that they can not cope with. How to get out of debt safe? Another debt. It sounds like a guaranteed circle, but it’s the only reasonable one.

Manel Pavel (47) and Lenka (42) ij in a small jihoeskm mst. Pavel works as a technologist and goes to work near the metropolis every day. Lenka works as a salesman and actually had a feed with a change of bunch. Manel was raised by two children, who recently became independent.

Thus, the owner’s own dwelling is settled, and recently they bought it in a dilapidated apartment. Two names of the building spoons were used for the additional purchase. The apartment will be assigned to their personal property in the first year. In the evening, your free time takes a manel to a nearby cottage, which you are constantly improving. Three years ago, the cottage underwent a wall of reconstructions, financed by a non-steel loan, with the construction of this property (an American mortgage). For these pensions manel shared and equipped cottages.

For Pavel and Lenka, it is easy to get a pension and then pay, not take two pensions a page, even at the price of paying the loan a lot. They have a total of 3 credit cards, which they have been using for a long time, and Pavel has a consumer store, which was the purchase of an old car for his son, but due to the low age he could not reach the loan.

Poadavky manel

The main purpose of the contract is to get a loan that would finance the completion of the reconstruction of the cottage and thus restore the equipment of his apartment, because during the last twenty years, all free funds for upbringing and childcare fell. They would like to get Pjku as soon as possible to catch the right by the end of this year. But at the same time they are afraid that msn spltky will not grow their heads into the dog. At the same time, it sometimes happens that you have to pay a minimum amount of consumer credit in the event of a credit card pension.

Manel thus realizes that when they continue in their lifestyle, as they are used to, they will not lose their jobs until the end of their productive lives and in retirement due to a 40% 50% drop in their income, they will not be able to meet their jobs.

Fakta a sla

Pavlv has a fixed income of 20,000 K, according to the last tax return for 2005, Lenka earned 107,000 K. We have to leave this money, in this case 14,700 K and we get to the sum of 92,300 K / year, so the same pjem 7 691 K.

Lenka has an American mortgage of more than 300,000 K with a payment of 3,000 K / msc. A consumer account of 160,000 K is written to Paul, to which a payment of 5,300 K is added. A contribution of 2,000 K syn. According to Manel, use two springs from a building joint in the amount of 100,000 K and 40,000 K, with an installment of 1,000 and 410 K.

Finally, we must not forget the 3 credit cards, each with a limit of 30,000 K. Minimum monthly payment in 2 x 1,200 K and once 1,500 K. It is necessary to change that almost every month the cards are used for purchases, also in debt is not reduced.

Both spouses have a 5-year investment life insurance fund, on which they are interested in the event of a so-called illness, and at the same time retire. Each manual pays a premium of more than 1,000 K, which allows them to take the maximum advantage of this product. once again, don’t think – don’t think you need it, and argue that nothing called has happened to them in their lifetime.

According to the idea of ​​manel, the loan should be more than 200,000 K.

In which countries are prices undervalued?

Nvrh a

We will have to take out a new loan in the form of a consumer loan without a lien on the property, because at the moment it is not in the personal ownership of the manla and it is a mortgage on the American mortgage.

Unfortunately, the bank pj pensions without mortgage real estate is reflected in the size of the year rates. We will not compare and compare the products of specific banking stocks, it is possible that in this case we can meet with an annual rate of about 11%.

Hints and tips

In time, think about how you can get into debt

The most easily available loan may not always be appropriate

Always find out about the vi year rate and vi fee

Find out the conditions under which the loan can be repaid early

When building a property, the rate is the most suitable for most years

Do not forget to secure your income in the event of an accident or once

But let’s find out how years Pavel and Lenka pay on the products they use. Lenin’s American mortgage is 7.9% for the entire duration of the mortgage. The share of consumer goods from one of the company’s leases is 15%. In the case of a building society in the same year 5.5%. The most widely used products are credit cards, where the year is 2 x 21% and once 18.5%.

On the installments of the existing product, the manel paid a sum of 13,610 K, which is about half of their small income. It is true that the son contributes 2,000, but we must not forget about life insurance. In this case, the loan is tm liquidated.

However, we will continue to use the offered possibilities of the bank balance and, together with the new loan, we will refinance the existing inappropriate loans. Let’s get rid of both Pavlov’s consumer case, where he has to pay a hundred 126,000 K, and credit cards, on which a total of 73,000 K is used up. 1 440 K mn.

One of pn manel was to make msn spltka as low as possible. Given that the husband will acquire personal ownership in the first year, we will take the opportunity to stop the apartment and refinance our loan. . The payment is required at the beginning of the year to 6.87% with the rate fixation rate. This variant will be less cheap by 5,114 K compared to the current situation. These pensions can be used both for the healing of the family budget and the wall for the outside savings.

We must not forget to secure the mane in case they are not able to meet the bundles as a result. In this case, we can find one of the cheapest offers on the market, where each of the manuals will pay a payment of 2,700 K (225 K / msn) at the same frequency and they will be covered by the following insurance policies: death of 600,000 K, lasted with progressive filling of 600,000 K, ie at 100% disability lasted multiple times this amount.

According to the case of small once a day compensation in the amount of 300 K for the case that the time will only be longer than 8 days and the same time of hospitalization in the same place. This offer is a part of the marketing of the event and is conditional on the establishment of a pension connection, therefore each of the managers will connect a minimum contribution to the pension connection, ie 100 K msn.

for a foreign pension?

Need some documents

In general, in order to approve the consumer’s debt, we will have to need Pavlov’s certificate of income issued to him by the employer, for Lenka Lenka’s last tax return, proof of payment of tax and proof of indebtedness of the state, in the financial order. According to us, we will need consent to the early repayment of consumer credit and credit cards and, in the end, enough to provide credit on the bank’s formula.

In this case, the bank will probably issue a confirmation in the credit agreement that the credit cards will be canceled after they have been repaid, and only then will they provide the man with the rest of the loan. In the case of American mortgages, we will need to go to the real estate estimate according to the bank’s methodology, which will cost about 4,500 K. According to (ron insurance approx. 1,450 K).

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