How to ride baskets between burgers and fries

Ji Maan has been in a wheelchair since he was 14 years old. He had been looking for the right job for himself for so long, and she finally found it herself. Meet him behind the counter of the McDonalds restaurant in Teplice.

One hungry customer after another enters Teplice’s McDonald’s. First they all look up at the handcuffs with the offer, then their gaze descends n. Go nco n not usually. There are seven young people in a wheelchair behind the cash register and waiting for their orders. It doesn’t surprise anyone from the customers and they lean over the counter to see whatever you can eat and drink. Tiaticetiletho Jiho Maana tamgasti knows, he has been working here for five years.

Do not think that we are relieving him in any way, he has the same conditions as any other employee. Maybe it’s just that he can’t work in the kitchen. So the blood blew the morning and the afternoon of the shift. He is great and everyone in the dark has a lot of him, for a while South of his fovar Simon Jandorov.

Two young colleagues joined us: Jirka works very well, as soon as I have a moment off at the cash register, I immediately get help, drinks or food. Smile her: Listen for a while. Upstairs, it’s with his first idea of ​​how long and complicated his job.

How did you imagine your future as a child?
When the usual ashes and astronauts let me go, I wanted to go to the hotel bike. Only at the age of thirteen did I end up in a wheelchair and everything was different.

How did it happen?
Myocardial infarction. I stopped walking in thirty minutes. When we recovered from it at home, I signed up for the business academy here in Teplice. I finished it and started looking for a job, which at first was not easy at all. (In the Steč region, unemployment is traditionally the highest in the republic, similar to the Moravian-Silesian region – editor’s note)

Because you were in a wheelchair?
I don’t really know, I didn’t get any feedback. Vtina the employer did not even answer my question enough to justify the refusal.

What did you do then?
I started going to Prague, where I worked as a stock consultant. I called the people who owned the shares and informed them about the market situation, and recommended them. But in the second month I found out that it is not employed for me. I am not the type who can persuade people.

Haven’t you considered studying in college?
She was there, but I had to perpetuate her because of the sound of the meninges, and I didn’t jump. It probably wouldn’t help me anyway.

Take it to work again?
Yes, I started here again in Teplice as a telephone operator, but I only lasted a week.

How is that?
I thought that clients would call with their problems, which I will help solve. But there was one order after another to impose some products on them. It was uncomfortable for me and those people.

You were again without revenge.
Ano, njak as. Then I stopped for a meal with my friends at McDonalds, the owner of the Teplice branch contacted me and offered me a job at McDrive. Konn podn prce, which I did for you for years.

What vs pimlo left her?
As a brigdnk, they wrote me a little smn, so I couldn’t give as much as I wanted. So I found a place in the potato, which looked like a long leg, but the working conditions there were at least unfavorable. And so, after ten months, I went to McDonalds, this time a bag as an employee with a fixed contract. That was two years ago, since then Stdm McDrive and the box office.

Are you satisfied?
Yes, although sometimes of course I get involved too. But there are great dark, very young people. I don’t have a barrage here, and when I need to submit something by accident, my colleagues will help me with what I can return to them.

And what about the customers?
Those at the cash register are sunny, not those in cars, there is a handset on the ear, so allow yourself to go. I learned to be sunny, but assertive. It works for many and calm down, or even apologize. One of them even wanted to beat him. When he saw the cart, he pulled away, so I teased him, for imperfections, he won.

Bvte tired when you come home?
Not physically or mentally. I have been in contact with people all day, and as km, not everyone is loaded. But natst mm free weekends when at home here, watching movies.

Are you far from home to work?
is a minute away. Distance is not a problem, it’s right. The advantage is that in the vicinity of the restaurant there are several shops and a supermarket, also on the way to work to buy it. Veer u nesthm, because I work from eleven hours to a quarter to eight.

Mte monost profesnho rstu?
Sp no. I have nowhere to move because I will never work in the kitchen. Things are high there, poorly accessible. But I don’t mind, I’m not an ambitious type, because of my nature, I do not assert myself. But one working dream mm. I would like to give a reception, but a lot of buildings in Teplice are barracks.

If you had to advise someone who is similar and because of the handicap, they will be employed in vain.
I would tell him to persevere. And he didn’t stop working on himself.

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