How to use e-mail at work so that yours don’t fit first

E-mails belong to the main communication channels in companies, but electronic computers are not always used in the right way. How to make a flawless first and how to use a work e-mail box, advice from Erik varcbach of McROY Personnel Consulting.

Work versus private e-mail

Employees should not use corporate e-mail to private e-mail and vice versa. In companies, this is required by internal rules. It is not just a professional site, but also that the employee does not send to his private address a work sweat or even data or company files.

The danger is that I will send private sweats to the company mailbox. This may result in uneven files and data on the company server. Some companies, in turn, strictly prohibit the use of private e-mail during working hours.

How addressed to choose

Especially in multinational companies, they often have pre-set wordings for e-mails to address and say goodbye at first, so that communication is uniform. Sometimes the company’s marketing is only informally addressed by the first name.

If the company does not have such rules, it is up to the employee to choose how to be addressed. In any case, the bag must not leave the frame of decency. For signatures, a signature with contact details is important. You should be as detailed as possible, there must be no lack of telephone contact. Not yet can be issued by e-mail.

Holiday alert

Before going on holiday, the worker must not forget to activate the warning of his or her illness. His pm around him is that he is on holiday, but he gave the company’s employees and, of course, clients, and they often have no tuna. Especially in the business world, it is an absolute necessity.

Don’t go for less that your full potential

In work e-mails, it is not appropriate to slip into the clutter of informality at first. Never know who will end up in the end, who will be the one who will be. So just emoticons have their borders. It is definitely not appropriate to send smilies to the superiors or top management of the company. And the same goes for different times, funny at first, which some people send to all my contacts. You pat only broken into private email inboxes.

Still getting mobile

E-mails have become firmly established in mobile phones, which, according to the acceleration of electronic communication, has accelerated. It is essential to communicate with the food better. The writer thus avoids grammatical errors and hell. In addition, at first I keep growing more in the quiet of the office than walking down the street. When writing first from a mobile phone, the sender tends to be concise. It’s not even in the city.

When e-mail accidents

E-mail communication is the successor of letter and fax. It should therefore not be a substitute for personal communication between people or the successor to the telephone. For many, it is easy to write an e-mail without having to make a phone call or meet in person. Not always in the horseshoe. E-mail works as a confirmed eenho, to send tables, offers, photo documentation and contracts. Or throw yourself to send the same message to more recipients. The personal contact bag is never fully replaced.

A tip for everyone for whom an ethnic man was a hard-to-reach target: If someone is aware of their limitations in writing, they should rather call rather than.

What are you so careful about?

  • Beware of forwarding conversations to other addresses for which the original information was not intended.
  • Still, it is true that some e-mail mailboxes do not handle large volumes of data. Therefore, look at the size of the sent first.
  • Remember to fill in as much as possible the first subject first. In the e-mail, this makes it easier for the recipient to find out quickly.
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