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Kateina will be living for about 5 years. Because the same mess that you spend with a friend behind him, the mortgage of your own apartment would be fulfilled. At present, it is current for Kateina to secure herself on st. How can I spoen?

For at least 3 years, it is important for her, but because she herself has no overview of the possibilities and products of the financial market, this decision is constantly delayed. Her idea is to take out some pension or life insurance, because she has heard from them that it is appropriate in her age than a pension supplement. Kateina assumes that the insurance will be set to connect to cover risks, in connection with the mortgage being fulfilled, she will be interested in insurance protection in the event of death.
The last thing we will deal with is the investment in the equipment of the current household, about 35,000 for the sale of furniture. He wants to marry Katein within a year at the latest.

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Kateina (28) lived in the northern town, where she works as a sales clerk. He currently lived in a rented house with a friend in a panel house. As far as private life is concerned, Kateina currently has nothing, she sees all her personal duties in the six-year horizon, and, as she herself, she is satisfied that she works in the city to live and works in her. spring ptho year ek poven.

Its budget is exhausted, not much, but at the end of the month there is not much left for it. For this reason, Kateina will both take advantage of the opportunity to pay more money in installments – currently the installment of the refrigerator, which will be repaid within half a year.

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Katein will increase his salary to 25,000 K gross, ie about 18,800 K istho. According to the schedule, Katein spends 3,000 on his own energy and energy, an average of 1,200 costs a telephone, 2,500 food, 3,000 clothes and 420 refrigerators. Its msn therefore costs in only 10 120 K.

But we go pipotme 15% reserve, ie 1 520 K on unforeseen costs. After deducting the cost, we will find that we will have 7,160 K available for all Katina.


It is probably a temporary idea how old Kateina will retire, so we will try to help her retire as soon as possible and we will anticipate retirement at the age of 60. We can estimate that the state will secure Katein in retirement age by about 7,100 K, and the remaining approx. 11,700 K will have to be secured in some way by itself, for each month of her retirement life for at least 15 years. Due to the long time horizon, we will cover with a 20% of you, ie 14,000 K. And how do we have the possibility of spoen?

1. Even the poor have to invest
2. Share with bnmi incomes


If we choose to connect to the old pension connection, Kateina should be able to save 2,400 K from this month. In this case, the initial dispute will be taxed at 3,000 K, and if Kateina spends a period of time up to 60 years, she will receive a total of 96,000 K. K msn for 15 years. However, it is not possible to arrange the required connection at the pension connection.

When we compare this variant with the capital life insurance, for which the technical year of the sea (valuation, which the insurance company guarantees) 2.4% and the total annual income required at 5%, we should have an amount of 1,425,000 K available at the same monthly rate. In the defense, it should be noted that this product contains, in contrast to the payment of insurance premiums, ie in the event that Kateina becomes fully disabled, the insurance company will pay the insurance.

At present, the most modern product in the field of life insurance, the so-called investment life insurance (the client buys a share of the unit fund, which the insurance company manages), at the same amount of 2,400 and at 7% of the income reaches 2,345,000 K. This product thus contains from the payment of insurance. It should be emphasized that the evaluation is not guaranteed here. For both products, the insurance cover in the event of death is changed in the course of them. So we will not forget the tax advantage in the same place as the pension supplement.

Hints and tips

When choosing a life insurance system as a tool, follow the instructions, or such connection is associated with fees that reduce the overall efficiency of the connection. The differences between individual binders and between products can be very significant.

Before investing, always consider the amount of risk you are willing to take. A quality advisor should always work with you on a so-called risk profile, which will help you decide on a suitable investment strategy.

In the case of a decline in investment during the chosen investment horizon, there is not always panic. If you keep the expected investment horizon, then the correctly set investment strategy should reach your expected return.

Pestoe teba nyn ete nap. housing, dependent families, means of education, etc., you will not forget your future income in the post-productive age. You can start living your life for the retirement of your life, so you can save money and save money.

The last option we have is the possibility of regular investment in some of the company’s investments. The most suitable from a long-term point of view is currently the investment with a wall of locked-up profit (according to the remaining length of the investment, the ratio of shares and bonds), where the same high level at 8% of the return of the proceeds is 3,380,000 K, but without the possibility of risk coverage.

In addition to the evaluation, which in all cases is necessary in the case of a neutral process connected all the time, we must consider the suitability of these products for Kateina. Its investments and financial products should be flexible so that they can adapt to a changing life situation over time.

In the case of capital insurance, it is possible to change insurance policies and premiums after 2 years, and in the same period a positive capital value will be created on the insurance. However, any premature termination is associated with financial loss and in the case of the use of tax advantage, the obligation to go back in tax. For an extraordinary choice of funds, the most suitable is a life insurance, which does not have to be canceled in case of choice. In the future, both capital and investment insurance can be combined with a mortgage loan.

Nvrh a

In all variants, 922,000 K is deposited and Kateina’s salary is paid for the entire time. Let’s try to change this. With a suitable combination of investment life insurance and investment in the event, we provide a self-financing product after 10 years, we reduce the total cost of 300,000, with a slight increase in the amount of 2,500 K. for 15 years.

How to get them?

In the end, we will invest in the household, Katka will be able to set aside the rest of her free funds. We do not let these pensions be left in the bank, where 0.5% per year would be valued in the best case (of course we would have to deduct 15% of the tax + bank fees), but we invest them in a money market fund, where we can 1.5% ron. As part of the marketing of the investment event of the company managed by the fund, we will use the opportunity to waive the entry fee, which in this case would be 0.5% of the investment. If Katka lets invest the investment according to less than a year, we will also avoid income tax. Investin company can enter any number of regular redemptions from this product for free, so we will move all permanent payments from here. We will supplement this portfolio with a building society, which we will prepare for housing.


If it develops in full swing, we have provided Katein’s pension, a tax advantage and, most importantly, the opportunity to arrange to be connected at any time in the event of death, called sickness, time and incapacity for work on one product. If he uses the proceeds from the investment in the action to self-finance the product, he is only wrong with them.

1. Here is not a single mon, we could find and give monos.
2. Amounts are simplified for simplification and are not included in the time value of pensions.
3. In the example, specific products from selected financial institutions are used, but there are other alternative product types on the market.

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