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Leo Strnsk personally knows perhaps all the biggest Hollywood stars. They even talk about going veee with Angelina Jolie. How did you think that Meryl Streepov would like to take part in the place? One hundred: Jan Malinda will be one of the best films in the world,

Famous reisi hire him to decorate the film with a perfectly played acne scene. Hollywood actors often blamed him for representing them as a double in the dangerous scene. Or Leo Strnsk is responsible for the fact that when they dare to enter the acne themselves, they drink without a name, because they have been rehearsing it with them beforehand.

I worked with almost all the stars. And because the biggest movies, even those quarters of the year in a row, I am in daily contact with those people, I often do everything about them. The unavailability and agility of them is artificially created by their surroundings – assistants and assistants, to Leo Strnsk.

For example, he met Tom Hanks on the film Save the War of Ryan. full of fantastic hunter. He had a story: a lunch break, we’re waiting in line for an oblivion, Hanks will get involved, and all his assistants will push him forward. But Hanks will stop if: No, I’ll stand here for the boys, they need to go too, make the same movie as j. he recognizes and takes all of them as equal parks.

Recently, after twenty years, they met the retired Inferno. I prepared a perverted scene with him, where he fights underwater. U is old, he could be hungry, but nothing like that. Piel if: Hi Leo, I’m not a warrior. Tell me what to do to make it look like this, let me listen absolutely. Such an actor m coordinator stunt cadre rd.

Born Mother Angelina

And he immediately gave himself a nice drink. Meryl Streepov. Besides Jean Paul Belmond, this is the only star I would like to have a photo with, if it wasn’t forbidden by the label on the gate.

They met for hours on the set of the film Bosk Florence during the preparation of a scene in the theater, when Streepov as an Mza rises above the phenomenon. Reisr and tb were worried about how he could do it, they were always the dog.

The first test was supposed to be on Sunday at pl devt rno. When I stabbed, I wondered what time it was at ten? At twelve? In ten minutes pl devt u was boarded there. She greeted us all, shook hands, remembered the names for a moment and, Who will take care of it? Who will pull me up? And what to do? She admitted that she was terribly afraid, but that she would fight. She hung for an hour and a half in a harness that she was and was, but she never once stood up, in a positive mood, unlike other, young and physically fit actors.

Strnski was fascinated by Streepov as well, as she had a reiser and producer summoned after the rehearsal. She said to them, “And it shall come to pass in thirteen days; behold, Leo, Honza, and Grant will be here, and just make sure they have time. I only want to do it with them, because they give them. I was quite proud of how she relied on us.

But not all actors are ascites. And don’t be afraid to be named Leo Strnsk.
You Bruce Willis, with whom I made one of the Deadly Traps. He didn’t want to do anything, he just said, and for him everything was doubled, which he had there. He went to the square annoyed, and when we did some stunt action for him, he went to his caravan with an unknown one, and at the end of the night he didn’t even say that thanks to him he would act as a hero in the cinema.

And I know these legendary things with Angelina Jolie. Let us meet below, but once a year, we will meet a year and have fun at the food. But when together, as last time five years ago, we are in daily contact again.

Although not always these are quiet moments. Once we sat like this for a while on a lot in Thailand, and it was really uncomfortable: within five minutes they all matured, within ten minutes a queue of people lost enough to sign, we also changed restaurants every hour. When anyone here and there notices, it will sweat, but I would not want to try his life for a long time, to Leo.

They’ve known each other since the late 1990s, when they met Lary Croft: Tomb Raider. At the time, she talked about wanting to have a large family with a lot of children soon. The others watched her, who was crazy, he had the whole career in front of him. But she said in the dark: I am a mother born by nature, I respect that. And it really worked out that way in life.

How to go them? Bohuel noted that no one would tell her from the very arrest of her career, such a film to him. It’s a big disadvantage for me, let the people around me tell the truth. It is in a way separated from the lives of normal people. It’s hard for her to find out who her friend is, because her friend wants to be a bite to bite a little from his glory and drink to n.

Leo Strnsk is the most recognizable of the creators, talking about the director Martin Campbell, the bond director of the Zlat oko or Casino Royale. We worked together for about six months at Vertical Limit. I was intrigued by how much he did with them. When I hung hanging under the helicopter, I stuck in fear behind the monitor and leaned in the watching scene just like the helicopter. He too can figure out when to go for his film.

tte and tvrtek

Karel Kov

In the issue of December 28, you will have an interview with Karel Kov, who is said to be the best caught Czech estch and the most influential of them.

When he and Angelina Jolie found the film Boundaries of Break, Campbell even gave Strnsk post post reisra II. tbu pi naten nkterch kaskadrskch scn.

Up life on the Titanic

And how do you become one of the best Hollywood stunts? I want a simple recipe, but Leo Strnsk won’t laugh. It’s a sloit party. Of course, you have to have a great movement, at least a little acting skills, a huge amount of weight and sacrifice basically everything. Look at m, how I ended up. Divorced, I live in London, most of the time I work, where I am from morning to evening, twelve and eight hours a day, many times on weekends. When you do, I give it all my energy. In fact, I have almost no private life. I will get home to Kladno at first in the spring, then for a week in the summer and at Christmas.

If he didn’t do what he enjoyed, he would be neastn, but at the same time he lost his family home. I hoped that I would keep the family afloat for a long time, but it didn’t work out for me, I say, self-critically. As long as we want us in the film, we have to do, basically we can’t do it, because behind you is the retreat of another fifty people, who will replace it in an instant.

In order to achieve the highest professional method, you coordinate the stunt coordinator, which means that the personal action in front of the camera is not carried out in the event of danger, but he leads the stunt, which he assembles according to the financial possibilities of production.

You don’t choose according to your nationality, only according to your ability, even when he needs to get you a fifty stunt, choose his colleagues in Lithuania or Bulgaria. He is currently struggling with his darkness for the upcoming film Fantastick Invited II, and he will also meet Johnny Depp, for example.

We examine two months a day, take care of everything, then I come home at night, take it easy and calmly look at everything again and find out where the mistakes are. He gave the day to go to work, where fifteen people can say, and I said: I looked at this – this looks like time and this will take a different day today. Day to day.

Strnsk got into the film just before the coup in 1989, going as a gymnastics student to FTVS. In the films database IMDB.com, however, his name is first mentioned in the comedy ern baroni. would the familiar scene when ptpci serve in nepomuck pubs? Yes, I’m blinking somewhere.

Along with that, he then went on to make a feature film, Stalingrad. And then Strnsk’s stunt party had a big handle: the coordinator Simon Crane noticed them and gave them an anci in the film series The Young Indiana Jones. Those years later, he called to him and said that he would make a big film Titanic for the Americans, and we would come to Mexico in ten people.

Strnsk had the advantage that he spoke the best English in the group, so he became an informal fem party and at the same time a translator between Czech colleagues and you. There, Simon Crane liked me to get about a hundred stunts into his darkness about six and eight people, and so he started our collaboration, which lasts until today, when he spoke to Reis II at Crane in the meantime. tbu.

Let’s go for the Titanic. What does he remember when he remembers Naten?
Most of the film was in the dark because pbh demanded it that way. Reisr Cameron was punctual, the film stretched, it broke through, and the producers decided that the last six weeks would be non-stop, even on weekends. We boarded at three in the afternoon, then a thirteen-hour shift in wetsuit, and at eight in the morning we slept at the hotel. We felt like an upi.

When the house was spinning after the Titanic, the coordinator Crane called him again after that: Drinks, with Reiser Spielberg we are going to save the film Save the War of Ryan. What is the project I am most proud of today. Not only because he included unloaders in the famous scene where Vina Diesel goes out. How did he get there?

All the big events were celebrated for me at Ryan. Whenever anyone is there, I almost always do it. And when she drank this scene with the bed and it was clear who would do it, the coordinator pointed out to me. I liked Spielberg because I looked like a German.

The most famous esk pok

Even with a Czech film, I have a life’s professional career that at the time of filming would have made absolutely no idea that it could contribute to the emergence of a legend.
I was in the first place, suddenly a production phone: Hey, Leo, can’t you drink on the square tomorrow? We would need to take something less into a new movie. So we went there with the city and reisr Jan Hebejk explains to us: We need one of the vs to fall from the motorcycle into the metal and the other then into the water, so find out who is going to what.

Strnsk and his colleague managed to lose and also had to fall into the water in pock uniforms. Done, thanks, here’s the honor, bye. Strnsk soon forgot about this episode.

I drank home for about a year and then I told me if I had seen the perfect movie Pelky, whom they met there. So I went to the cinema too. Zitek is also very proud of this film. I especially do it as patriots. On Czech movies, I would give rd. Even for free, he points out. Ale bohuel nemm as. I don’t have Anglian or Amerianm, otherwise I would drop out of the Hollywood league in an instant.

On the other hand, he said not much, and the producers and the rice succumbed to him. When he told them a stuffy acne scene that it would be more risky.
In the films that the last five years in England long, mm as the coordinator’s last word. But I never got into a major dispute, because reisi respect that the stunt work I understand, not them. I would never risk where it’s padest to padest. I only work if the mm does not ask for more than one hundred percent certainty that the stunt is healthy. And I think that’s what you make for this production. It points out with bon mot: We’re cascades, not gamblers.

Despite the explosive penetration of animation into production films, do not worry about the fate of the stunt profession yet. Definitely personally, the replaced stunt cascade animation will not affect. For many years, cascades will be cheaper and visually perfect than the best animation then.

Although… Two months ago, Leo Strnsk personally convinced himself at the touch of a film of the League of Justice that he could even replace a real acting star. One of the main actress refused to drink at that touch. And because tb needed a few scenes where this actress talked, they hired duplicates for her and then they would completely replace her dress. And I bet you don’t know in the movie where the TV was replaced.

From this, draw an interesting weight: Mon comes the time when the production pays the actors honor, it is played for him by someone else, and they then just exchange him and then pour him some.

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