If they work abroad, they return home

The strong crown is back home to the Czechs who went abroad for better debts. The reason? While three years ago they received 45 thousand crowns in the Czech Republic for 1,000 pounds spent, now it is barely 30 thousand.

And according to expert estimates, pepoet will soon take slic dv. The people who went to work in the United States are much to go, because the dollar has weakened by far the most of all the world’s currencies.

They bag and put the grounds. Rising wages in the country and the desire to go home. Abroad, there are mainly young people who are mistaken to start a family and therefore want to fidget. “A lot of people have a lot of money, with such a weak dollar it doesn’t pay much to work here. And it’s not pleasant here as an illegal person, ”to one of the illegally employed courts in the USA.

There are several statistics regarding sweat abroad, but you know that you know. According to Eurostat, for example, there are 22 thousand people working in Britain, according to British statistics it is ten thousand more. Explain the discrepancy between the institutions using different methodologies.

In the case of the USA, moreover, many people are employed illegally and some European countries do not keep tables only with Czechs, but with very new EU member states. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, around 80,000 are currently working in Europe.

Britnie doesn’t care so much
The end of the spit bag shows the data compiled by the British Statistical Office for MF DNES. The number of Czech citizens working in Britain has stagnated at 32,000 in the last two quarters of last year. Overall, the number of employees from the new EU member states went up. They are also telling about the number of registrations for the British Social Security: last year, about two thousand Czech applicants decreased last year.

This year, the British Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) claims that there has been a significant decline. He estimates that there are about 23,000 Czech citizens working in Britain. Number of new inflows.

According to an IPPR study, half of the people from the new EU countries who came here to work after 2004 have disappeared from the UK.

The return of these houses is a good first for local companies struggling with a shortage of people. “They have an advantage in language skills, but sometimes they have a bit of unrealistic salary requirements,” said Jan Zruba of Manpower.

Those who have a strong crown in Britain and a strong crown, I’m in for a while. Don’t pay them like two. “Thanks to our day, it’s convenient for us to shop here and take the electronics, character clothing and home equipment with them,” says Michaela Bednov, who, together with his friend, takes care of the two-star children not far from London.

Do ciziny m manaei
Work abroad did not cease to be full. Pibv people in positions where they apply, for example, their university distance. “Choose a better city payment,” to Tom Kadlec from the Prce Abroad agency.

For example, in London’s financial heart, there are at least a few of them. “Salaries are high here, but so be it,” said Radim Dohnal, who worked for Saxobank. The highest income tax in Britain is 40 percent with a salary of about a million crowns, while in the US it is 15 percent. Therefore, according to experts, they have the motivation to go abroad to work only if their remuneration will be at least two and a half times, and in addition, their stay will increase their professional growth.

Most exodus abroad occurred after joining the EU. Between 2005 and 2007, their number doubled to more than 76 thousand. Most people first fell to Great Britain and Ireland. However, the Poles, who left two million from their homeland between May 2004 and December 2006, were far from catching up. They start to come back in large numbers, mainly due to the better economic situation in their homeland.

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