If you don’t want to drink a lot, don’t underestimate the broker

If you want to invest in the stock market or the commodity exchange, you may want to speculate on the movements of the currency, you can not do without the means. The means that will open your way to the stock market is a stockbroker. However, his choice may not be so simple and the attention in his choice will definitely pay off.

Those who were responsible for the choice of the first broker could be told first and foremost by those who drank their disputes. In the past, many investors came across so-called lakrnkm, who promised them mountains and mines without alerting them to any risks. Investors, who were looking for huge profits, were not surprised to find out when they found out that they were doing business, they didn’t even know about them, and to their great surprise, they shrunk to less than half of them. Then one day he called their broker, and in the last period the action was not possible, but when the field to go somehow pension, to decide to do something about it.

The worst thing is that they poured such (today there are probably a minimum of them, but the people are unfortunately irreparable), who, believing that the mind was in them, sent pensions. And in the end they also tried to take note of this experience, then slander everyone who is in the investment market, not just a low-quality broker. They quickly forgot that they did not find out information about the companies where the pension will go, or that they did not sign a subcontract, but only the paper, which was also written in a foreign language. And if no one forced them into him, and it’s half their fault, never admit it.

At present, the situation on the capital market is generally stabilized (although it can still go far). The basis for the functioning of the capital market is a quality supervisory body, its role since April 1, 2006 is fulfilled by the NB (Capital Market Supervision Department), which has replaced the existing Securities Commission. On its website http://www.cnb.cz/cz/dohled_fin_trh/dohled_kapitalovy_trh/, each investor learns about the legislative rights that regulate the capital market in the US. One of the most important links is the list of entities where a potential investor will find all licensed companies – securities dealers and investment intermediaries (unlike brokers, they may not receive funds from investors, only accept and give instructions).

It is also important to get acquainted with entities that do business without a license and which are better avoided. On the website you will find a warning from foreign regulators, which is useful for investors looking for a broker outside the country R.

If you have chosen a brokerage company, it is necessary to find out as much information as possible. The good reputation of the company is very important, supported by a long history of providing quality services. It is always good when a trader recommends a friend who has been investing her broker for many years and has no problem.

Of course, new companies with quality services may also appear on the market, in which case the financial background and the rise of the share will depend. An invaluable source of information, as is the case with most products and services, are also various Internet discussion boards. Here you can find out information and especially the experience (positive and negative) of an investor who is not usually available on the broker’s website. It takes more time, but it’s always better not to lose your pension due to choosing the wrong broker.

Even if you have experience with a broker and you are satisfied with it, it is definitely not forbidden to follow the whole day around the company. Change of management, nhl and sharply cheaper services, problems of the bank, unm broker managed ones, etc. can mean a predominant problem. Any doubt about the solidity of the broker must mean stepping back and looking for a new partner for trading on the stock exchange.

A very important factor in choosing a broker are the fees that the trader charges. The trader may charge flat fees for the execution of the order, or determine a percentage of the volume of each trade. In connection with the fees, it is good to take into account the amount of services you will receive for your pension. The difference is when you pay $ 15 for a trade without the merchant providing any additional service in addition to telephone, possibly the internet platform, or for your pension you get all the support in the form of real-time data, smooth trade, sliding stop-loss, etc.

Someone can easily worry, just don’t worry about shops, someone doesn’t need anything except data and a platform for trading and will demand the lowest possible price. There is also a difference between whether you will trade actively, ie enter instructions often, when you will prefer the lowest possible fees, but you would like to pay a pause for data and internet application. If you trade positively and for a long time, you will not mind the fees for the trade, but you will want to pay as little as possible.

An important factor in deciding is the range of investment tools and services that the broker offers: a variety of valuable types of different types and from different parts of the world, the possibility of trading in the resp. the size of the provided brewery, etc. Sometimes the investor chooses an expensive broker, when he has everything he needs to choose from, and in cheap brokers he simply does not have such an offer.

When trading on the stock exchange, the speed of execution of orders is very important. Many brokers, especially those men, do not have access to foreign stock exchanges, but only function as an intermediary between a foreign broker and an investor. On the one hand, this increases the fees you pay for the services, and on the other hand, it can extend the time of sale, if you enter orders, for example, by phone. In the rolling markets, the bottom order meant no losses. This should be taken into account especially by those who want to trade actively.

Internet for fast

Since this is mostly experienced by experienced investors, they will definitely choose the opportunity to invest through the Internet application, which is often orderly for any order. The advantage is also the possibility to choose a broker anywhere in the world exactly according to your own ideas. Great competition, long traditions and satisfactory legislation are a guarantee of quality services and favorable fees, and it is no exception that you can “negotiate” the fee. My eye may be a foreign language for someone, but there is a brokerage company abroad today, where you can also speak Czech. Even in the Czech Republic, there are good companies today that can invest in the Internet.

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