Insurance real estate online

Do you need to report an insurance claim, change data in insurance contracts or do you want to insure your property via the Internet? You have only very limited possibilities. In principle, you can find the same online services: online insurance contracts, including insurance premiums and code codes.

Only one insurance company on the Czech market is able to arrange real estate insurance online, and that is Hasisk’s mutual insurance company (since last year). On its website, it allows you to choose from a connected building, a connected apartment as a building and a connected household. Those interested in arranging a connection online must be the owner of the e-mail address.

So how is the procedure? First, select the required type of connection on the website. In the new screen, in addition to a list of information about the selected type of insurance and a list of data that you must know before concluding the insurance, you will also have access to the insurance conditions and contractual arrangements. Then you do not have to fill in anything else required and confirm their correctness (send).

The contract is valid and after the insurance policy has been paid
Subsequently, a variable symbol is sent to the client’s e-mail address, which is also the purpose of the contract, together with the data necessary to pay the sworn insurance premium. The insurance contract becomes valid before the first and payment of the insurance premium, so the original contract travels to the client afterwards (the law requires a written form for insurance contracts). It is signed only by the insurance company, the client’s consent is in this case the realization of the transfer of the prescribed insurance.

The calculation of real estate, household and code liability is made possible by the Allianz Insurance Company between the online services (in addition to the Hasisk change of insurance company within the framework of a single insurance company). It’s the only thing he allows. In addition to the price on the form, which must be filled in, the applicant will get an overview of the insurance conditions.

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The most common service, which is actually done online, is the reported insurance event. The only difference compared to bending through the call center of the insurance company is that you can rest in peace and with balance at home, but without the usual advice when calling by phone. You can report an insurance claim via the Internet to several insurance companies – Allianz, esk pojiovny, SOB Pojiovny and thus Pojiovny Kooperativa. After filling in the formula, a completely normal procedure follows. The client is contacted by the liquidator and then personally or by phone.

All insurance companies that offer real estate have formulas to download on their websites. They are usually in pdf, pp format. This is an online form, which you fill out on the Internet, but you have to send it then to the address of the insurance company in the classic paper form, or submit it directly to the branch of the insurance company.

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