Invest? Definitely yes, but with common sense.

ei nechtj risk, it is a defense of the song. It is either related to the disappointment of the purchase of privatization, with the declines of global and domestic stock markets in the past, or the unreliability of brokerage firms, etc. Any risk is a foreign word in our country, but not now. Investing in risky assets does not mean selling, and on the contrary, even with risk-free investments, you can eventually sell. So where to retire?

If you have a situation where you think about where to go with the free pension, we definitely do not recommend leaving them in the bank. The certainty that you will not lose your pension does not fully replace you. years in the bank at the current time and at present at the term here are really at a meager level. In connection with the high fees that banking institutions charge and inflation on them, Kadoron will lose even a few percent. years are, of course, 15% tax. It is clear that you have to spend some cash here in case of unforeseen events, but it should be a minimum.

Some banking products allow investors to take part in the growth of the event, or stock index (ivnobanka US TOP, EUROTOP), speculate on the development of the currency (Prmiov deposit ISS) and thus achieve interesting returns in short investment horizon. The advantage of these products is their transparency, deposit coverage and guarantee of a minimum return. The disadvantage is the denomination in foreign currency, unpredictability of the exchange rate, tax and low guaranteed entry.

A guarantee does not have to mean a debt

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Vezmte si hypotku a vydlejte!
It would be worthwhile to not use all your own pensions to invest in real estate, but to borrow someone else and save your own. Does this speculation pay off?


How to find a job in Europe
If you want to go to work in the world, you should first get acquainted with the offers on the job market and orient yourself in the necessary horses.


Do not be afraid of unknown fetuses
Fruits and vegetables must not be missing in the right menu. The salary that more of them occurs in nm, tm lpe. But how to know the best fruits?

Based on the principle of guarantee pension, resp. minimal input are so secured (guaranteed) funds, which are very popular with investors. Allow them to take part in their event, but due to the need, they have to give up a certain percentage of their income. Companies issuing these funds thus promise investors even less participation in the development of the stock market and the maximum return is limited.

These instruments are intended for conservative investors with a long investment horizon of around 4 and 6 years. Although the income is not taxed, the construction and calculation of the income of these products may result in the fact that the income will not differ from the income of term taxes.

Similar input, but at the bottom of the guarantee nabzej money market funds. Unlike secured funds, there is their bag liquidity (along with other groups of open-end mutual funds) much you. Redemption and redemption is possible at any time. However, it is appropriate to comply with the expected investment horizon, which is with each group of funds. In the case of money market funds, it takes half a year to keep these funds inefficient for a long time.

Investin kluby – past na dviv? tte HERE

For a year and two it is advisable to invest in bond fund, which is more important, but there is a risk associated with it. Take the risk, but also take the benefits fondy smen. It pays to invest in them for 3 and 5 years. Jet del investin horizon, around 5 years, maj equity funds. Investments in them increase in order to achieve interesting returns, but it is necessary to cover the exchange risk. In the case of funds, it is necessary to look at the structure of fees, as they can differ by several percent within one group of funds. The greatest benefit of investing in the fund is, in addition to liquidity, associated with its simplicity and ability to diversify its resources without devoting much time to it every day.

Invest in the whole market

Certificates are based on a similar principle. By purchasing one security, the investor diversifies the funds into the entire stock index, stock price or other underlying asset (stocks, commodities, currencies, etc.) and thus, depending on the development of the entire market, or uritch branch. Certificates are transparent, investors know their composition and, similarly to a fund, they can buy and sell them at the issuer or on the stock exchange. Due to their features and low prices (fees), this product is intended mainly for conservative investors.

You can profit from the development of the underlying asset through other derivative products, such as options, futures or warrants. These instruments

Funds: fees and taxes, both on n. Test your knowledgeHERE.

embody the first (options, warrants) or obligation (futures) in a predetermined term and at a predetermined price to buy or sell a certain amount of the underlying asset. However, they are intended primarily for research investors who prefer high returns over security. In addition to above-average returns, it is very easy to lose any funds invested in the event of an unfavorable development of the underlying asset.

Trplivost re pin

What to add to zvr? There is never enough caution, but a lot of code. Don’t avoid investing, but invest wisely and prudently. The days of marketing tricks shouldn’t make you invest where you don’t want to, just because it pays off first. A good investment requires time and when we decide to save the pension somewhere, we should evaluate all the pros and cons.

Investin products with low equal risks are not intended only for conservative investors. Urit is also used for dynamite exchange and, conversely, even in a small risk portfolio, there is a place for risky products with the potential for growth. Bad only for individuals, in what proportion to mix individual products into their portfolio.

Do instruments have a predominance of risks in your portfolio, or are you sure? Drink nm, darken your glow.

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