Invest targets to gold and to vna

You can spend your first million on shares or bonds, but you can try to invest otherwise, alternatively. Go on real estate, diamonds or you on quality high voltage. You can invest in anything if you understand the area. Only in this way are you able to estimate what can be evaluated in the future.

Bonds, bond funds

  • what is it: valuable bill, in which the publisher undertakes to drill the loan and go to pay a pre-agreed fee. The maturity of the bond is usually several years and the issuer is stt, banks and companies.
  • where to buy: You can either buy a bond or invest in a bond fund. Buy catch sheets at banks and investment companies.
  • minimum investment: hundreds of crowns
  • how much can you spend: with regular savings in funds of 3 and 6 percent of the year, for individual bonds you know exactly what amount you will receive at maturity, but the return in the process is uncertain.
  • What to look out for: They are definitely a better investment, not a term, it is suitable for investors who do not want to sell, but they can get along with it. Ideal investment for a period of up to three years. Government bonds are a fairly certain investment, because the debt is the government or the city. When buying, it is inappropriate to sell debt before maturity, its value cols. The contribution of the mutual funds is exempt from taxes after half a year.

Stocks, stock funds

  • what is it: property security, its purchase becomes a co-owner such as a bank, factory, oil well and power plant. You are entitled to a profit margin, the so-called dividend (not all companies pay dividends). You can sell yours to another customer for a price that will be on the market at that time.
  • where to buy: dog broker on the stock exchange, simply buy a mutual fund in the bank and an investment company
  • minimum investment: catch funds hundreds of crowns msn, individual shares tens of thousands
  • how much can you spend: vnosy i destky percent ron, mete vak tak prodlat
  • What to look out for: investment in the event is long-term and on average the most profitable, but also the most risky. Nobody cares about the stock, its price is unknown in the future and over the years kols. Investing directly in the event is suitable for experienced investors who have a clear overview of market development and can estimate future development. The recommended investment period for the event is 5 years. The entry is exempt from taxes after half a year.

Pkov investment

  • what is it: special way of investing, while you earn 10,000 crowns, you trade on the market with ten times (pk effect 1:10), the remaining 90,000 m in the loan. When you spend, it will be much more than not to invest only your own resources. After the trade, drill the loan and pay the entry fee. Hor is a situation where you are late for a deal. If your loss is 10 percent, you would have $ 10,000 left over from the original 10,000. If you bet the bag on the pkov effect, you sold 10 percent of the hundred, so there is nothing left in it. If the client usually does not let the client lose, he is not inserted in the sea, because he knows that they would not have to get pensions from him.
  • where to buy: prostednictvm makl
  • min. investment: destky tisc K
  • how much can you spend: plates and hundreds of percent, the risk of loss is a very high bag
  • What to look out for: complex way of investing for strong companies, even with a small market downturn you can

Umn a staroitnosti

  • what is it: You can invest in painting, but you can publish sculptures, drawings, photographs, perks, furniture and much more. The problem with this commodity is how to first estimate what it will be about in the future. According to gallerists, the arts are now mainly in the course (after 1950), they can be submitted at affordable prices and investments can be valued several times. Many collectors-investors speculate on the rise in prices of young talented professionals.
  • where to buy: at auctions, in galleries or so in internet auctions
  • minimum investment: from 5,000 crowns
  • how much can you spend: destky percent ron
  • What to look out for: The demand is subject to copper waves and you have to be patient with our timely sales. Sweat the wind for at least five years. Another risk is that you will get used to it for a long time that you won’t even want to sell it. Also pay attention to counterfeits.

Real estate

  • what is it: houses, apartments, land. The location of the property is decided primarily by the location. If you have a house or a good address, you can be 100% sure that they will be used in the future. For example, before the year 2000, a small studio apartment in Pankrec was sold for 650,000 crowns, today its price is doubled.
  • where to buy: You can find the largest offer of real estate on the Internet, you can also invest in the purchase of real estate funds, which are sold by esk spoitelna and Realtia IS
  • minimum investment: real estate from 300,000 crowns, real estate funds from 1,000 crowns
  • how much can you spend: on real estate and tile percentages, on funds 4 and 7 percent ron
  • What to look out for: in the long run, it is a relatively safe investment, its return is playful against inflation. You have to take care of the bag, the sale (and therefore change to cash) will take a while. He is exempt from taxes and after 5 years from the purchase. The fund takes about 15 days to buy out.


  • what is it: Investin diamonds are only those that have an internationally recognized certificate with a description. In esku, perform the certification of the esk gemologick laborato. The stones must be of high quality and color and have a very good cut. Experts recommend to buy for investment stones from 1 card, color G, security VS1. A good investment can also be the purchase of a quality perk with an investment diamond, its price also grows over time and the perk can function as a reserve for the mountains.
  • where to buy: in banks or at specialized companies (eg Inbar, Optima), which have access to the worlds of stock exchange diamonds
  • minimum investment: from 100,000 crowns in (don’t buy a quality diamond for my pension)
  • how much can you spend: Over the last 20 years, the value of diamond has risen steadily by 3 and 7 percent
  • What to look out for: investment for at least 5 years. Selling a diamond in the Czech Republic can take a long time, because the market is just starting to work. The price of a diamond is sweating in dollars and strengthening the crown gives me a dream to dream about.


  • what is it: gold coins or bars. The most famous investment coins are South African Krugerrands, gold dollars, German or Australian coins are also popular. They all have a basic weight of one troy ounce (31.1035 grams), but coins are also traded. You can also buy gold commemorative coins and medals, these bags are not investment gold, which is exempt from VAT in the Union. Experts like to buy gold regularly in small quantities, you can achieve a better average price.
  • where to buy: trade in investment gold, for example, the company Zlat mince Numismatika (, Ambros (
  • min. investment: from 1,000 crowns
  • how much can you spend: five years ago, a troy ounce was sold for around $ 260, today it’s $ 750, but that’s an extraordinary rise in price
  • What to look out for: due to the fluctuating political and economic situation and the price has been rising for the last ten years. Gold is traded around the world 24 hours a day, so you can’t turn it back into cash.

Ronkov vna

  • what is it: proven from good areas and with 100% quality, which are intended for storage. The highest qualities reach and after a few years the grains. You can choose from both domestic and foreign highlights. Not one is bought for the investment, but several plates or hundreds of bottles are the same.
  • where to buy: for high-volume producers, in wineries, foreign foreigners with the help of experts who have fun with foreigners
  • minimum investment: from 100,000 crowns how much you can spend: 10 and 15 percent ron, including plates of percent ron
  • What to look out for: In order for it to maintain its quality, the warehouse in specialized premises requires what it costs. If you are not the owner of a wine cellar, you can rent a box in some wine shop and in the HV archive. You will have to repent for 2 and 15 years, depending on how long it lasts, so be sure not to sell all the bottles at once.

Mortgage bonds

  • what is it: a special type of bond, which is issued by mortgage banks and their sale reduces the pension to provide mortgages. Actually borrow so that they can borrow. The value of the sheet is covered by receivables from real estate, which clients have pledged to the bank, so the investment is quite safe. Mortgage bonds can be issued only by a bank that is authorized by the NB.
  • where to buy: in a bank that provides mortgage vry
  • min. investment: the most 10,000 crowns you can spend: 3 and 5 percent ron
  • What to look out for: Compared to other bonds, existing mortgage bonds have a different tax regime, which is also suitable for the first person. For letters issued since 2008, this benefit will not be.
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