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During the past twelve months, the team tried to invest in the investment skills prepared by the iDNES internet server and ATLANTIK FT. Only the one who managed to make the most of the fictitious 10,000 USD won at the end of the game could win.

And until the last moment, no decision was made. Ji Dvok (jirka) and Martin Mller (m11m) fought a big duel in the long run. The former then eventually increased by 13 percentage points and achieved an inter-year return of more than 871 percent! As smtz later admitted, he used technical analysis to decide on the purchase and sale of the event.

According to experts from the Atlantic FT, these unbelievable profits were achieved mainly due to an active investment strategy – for example, he carried out more than twenty different buying and selling transactions during the year.

Konen table vherc
PoadLoginThe name of the winnerEntryprice
1.JirkaJi Dvok, Bystice in Beneova871%Tickets
2.m11mMartin Mller, Prague858%camera
3.MaMichal Vrna, Brno737%Pocket pot
4.LopppPavel Dvoek, Hranice546%Mobile phone
5.greenhornJan Michlik, Zln446%Mobile phone
6.KasinPavel Ka, Plze426%Ron subscribed to MF TODAY
7.PetPPetr Ptek, Hradec Krlov411%Ron subscribed to MF TODAY
8.ZemlakVclav emlika, Prague396%Ron pedplatn asopisu PROFIT
9.PeekJan Voboil, Prague348%Ron pedplatn asopisu PROFIT
10.Michal KMichal Kratochvl, Dn315%Ron pedplatn asopisu PROFIT

Over the past twelve months, US markets have grown sharply. While the value of the DJIA index rose by 30 percent, and the S&P 500 strengthened by 33 percent, the Nasdaq technology market grew by 50 percent. The participants of the game also participated in this growth. Two aunts of them achieved a score of less than zero and the average game yield reached 25 percent. The fictitious investor impanz, which selected shares for its portfolio with a random selection, placed in a very attractive 518th place with a return of 70 percent.

Top investment top investor
1. JirkaNEXMED INC80%
4. lopppTASER INTL INC WT1322%

And how did they invest the best games? In the next table you will find a list of actions that earned more than 50% appreciation during the game.

Of course, congratulations to all of us and we have a good idea for others who are interested in the game at first. We will soon launch a new investment game with attractive prices at In this new year, you will be able to try trading on five world stock exchanges, the stock market crash without risk, and you will also have the opportunity to invest in other investment instruments. If you want to be informed about its launch, click HERE.

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