Investin kluby – dal past na dviv?

You know that. You can get a certain amount of funds, but you do not want to leave them in the bank. Therefore, you decide to invest. But soon find out that you do not earn millions in the funds and the pension does not come to the stock market. What about you? Forget your friends who are in the same situation and start an investment club. Is it really that simple?

Not much is known about our clubs. It may be the bottom of the fact that there are errors in the legislation governing the activities of these clubs, it is perhaps the investor is not interested in this form of investment. The truth is that it is not the darkness that can be discussed and that you would read every week in the newspaper. In any case, such a possibility exists and the city is gradually building on the investment market.

The history of the first investment club extends, as usual, to the USA. Investin clubs began to emerge there in the middle of the twelfth century, and for the first time in recent years there was a big boom. As an interesting idea, this one also spread beyond the borders of the American continent and so in Europe the investment club is relatively successful, especially in France, Great Britain, Ireland, etc.

What are investin clubs?


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The essence of a functioning investment club is simple at first glance and these clubs represent a certain alternative to collective investmentsuch as catch funds, with which they most often compare. Investors meet in them, who invest common funds in various instruments on the basis of previously agreed rules. capital market, real estate, etc. Investin clubs are divided according to various criteria. It can be basically exchanged for a certain commodity, or instrument (commodity, stock, real estate), group founder (dmsk, managerial, student), or the city of origin (Prask, esk,…).

Investin clubs usually function as associations without the first subjectivity, the so-called societas (829 OZ) and are established for a certain period of time. Associate 15 and 20 people who regularly invest the agreed amount (1,500 – 3,000 K) in common. From these pensions are paid the costs of the functioning of the club, the case of payment by external staff and the rest is invested. All members of the club are responsible for selecting investment opportunities. The administrative and administrative means are regulated in the statutes, which determine the relative written rules, which usually do not take the element (if this is not the case, there is a risk of misunderstanding and conflict in unpredictable situations). Profits, or losses are only taxable as in the case of natural persons.

Members can then divide individual general and specific functions, based on which one performs the function of a treasurer, another works as a broker, another deals with investment strategies. These functions can be based on the distances of the individual but only fixed or in which the companies stand. The members of the club meet regularly 1 – 2 times a month in meetings, where the values ​​of the functioning of the club are approved, the investment policy is approved, or individuals are elected to office.

Watch out for the horses

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As it has been changed, the functioning of investment clubs is not regulated by us, but the situation is similar in other countries where investment clubs are established. According to the release Securities Commission (KCP) despite the non-existence of the first right, their activity is not explicitly prohibited. However, KCP reminds that if its members provide services to these individuals with a change, it must obtain a business license. Here pichz in the weight of especially some investment services reserved only securities dealer (this requires the permission of the Commission), or other investment services (eg investment advice, for which it is necessary to have at least a trade license).

In the other case, it would be a misdemeanor, for which the KCP may impose a fine of up to 5 million CZK, or in the extreme case a criminal offense of unauthorized business. Vyjden Komise tak zn, e initially a t-shirt in the framework of the association is allowed, but under the conditions that there are no valid service providers. KCP also recommends that clubs cooperate with securities dealers, who would mediate their access to the market, provide qualified information and thus guide them cennch papr.

Everybody has fun

As investment clubs do not, in essence, associate experts in financial markets,

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commodities or real estate, there is a risk that unprofessional administration can drink money very easily. Therefore, there is an opportunity on the market to become only an organization that deals first with the advice provided by investment clubs. There are, however, associated fees associated with this membership, which must be paid either once upon joining the organization, or regularly in the form of a castle. Of course, these fees are not negligible and it is therefore necessary for potential investors to reconsider their participation in these organizations.

For a considerable amount, you will complete the paths of the knees and you will have access to analytical tools, investment tips and educational programs. But all this requires an internet connection, where you can have virtually all this information for free. You can supplement your theoretical knowledge by studying the literature, for which you certainly do not pay the sums in the breath of thousands, or by completing free seminars. The decision on where you invest your funds is always in your hands, and whether you have the talent for investment or not will definitely not change your knees.

One such opportunity in our country is to become a member of the NAIC (American Association of Investment Clubs), which will make $ 40 per club and $ 14 per year for all analytical tools, data, investment tips and training programs available to the company.

Another company with which the existence of several investment clubs in the US is connected is the Irish Investment Club Network (TICN), founded in 1996 and associating 350

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club in 12 countries. It even promises to achieve 30% ronho evaluated. In fact, according to the rate published on the company’s website, only a very small percentage of investment clubs meet this condition. This company focuses exclusively on investing in the US stock markets. Each club member must complete a seminar for which he pays 12 – 15 thousand K. A regular monthly investment by a club member amounts to 2500 K and a year to pay the club less than $ 95 to those companies that are engaged in preparing a basic analysis, information and course. evaluated company, education, etc.

Do u investin clubs have a future?

Due to their risky nature and the willingness of Czech investors to take risks, the investment clubs and the responsibility for their investment are determined to determine the mass. A dynamic investor able to determine the risk and willing to dedicate the necessary time to the monitoring market and education should increase this possibility. The opportunity to invest the amount of pensions and the better ability to spread the risk offers an interesting opportunity to those investors who want to keep their pensions under supervision and do not want to shine them in the hands of mutual funds. In this case, however, I would not see this form of investment as a competitor, or the payment of mutual funds, which are essentially exchanged for a completely different group of investors.

Do you know any investment club? Are you considering setting up an investment club? Do you think that our investment clubs have a future? Dark on your nzory.

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