Investors prefer investing in foreign funds

World stock markets passed the week due to falling oil prices rose again, despite the fact that for a basic year rates were rising. esk shares are not so bad at all. All domestic funds, and with one exception, grew in performance, but even that did not prevent investors from withdrawing more than 850 million K from them during the week.

The start of the week on US markets was accompanied by stagnation, with investors waiting for the results of one US central bank (FED) after “election” purchases, which was expected to increase the base year’s rates. In line with the assumptions, this happened and rates were increased by 25 points to 2%. The Fed’s representatives also concluded that this year’s increase does not mean the end. Rates could rise to around 3.5 and 4%.

However, even these usually unfavorable at first were not an incentive for the stock market to fall. On the contrary, markets grew for a long time, mainly due to falling oil prices, which gradually fell to $ 47.5 per barrel. Even though it is still a high price, its gradual decline has a positive effect on traders. Dal from the impulse that pushed the markets up was the good results of technology companies, which was then reflected in the subsequent rise of the Nasdaq index (+ 2.2%), which gave the two most watched indicators with a clear view (DJIA + 1.43% , S&P 500 + 1.45%).

The Czech market has consistently set long-term records this week (PX-D 2386 points, PX 50 961 points). The energy giant EZ made the most significant contribution to this result, strengthening by 4.7% per week and exceeding the 300 K limit (maximum 302.1 K). For a very long time, Zentiva did (+ 3.9%), which helped to improve the investment recommendations and good results. The price is pushed up by the lack of supply, which is not able to satisfy the demand for this title.

Philip Morris (+ 3.4%), who managed to break the 16,000 K mark in the week, improved the market, which improved by more than three percent in a week. that the sale of the event will take place through the capital market. Unipetrol announced good results, which was then reflected in the growth of the event, which could have been better. Erste Bank ended the volatile week unchanged despite the reported good results, and the only stock that recorded a decline was Komern banka.

Investors prefer foreign funds

to invest more than two foreign funds this year. It follows from the statistics

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The Association for the Capital Market (AKAT), according to which the assets of foreign funds have risen by K 9 billion to 57.8 billion K since the arrest of this year. to 106.1 billion K. The total assets in the funds at the end of this quarter amounted to 161 billion K.

In the last quarter, the assets of foreign funds increased by K 1.5 billion, while domestic funds, on the other hand, decreased by 2.7 billion K. The common characteristic of all investors is the preference of money market funds and hedge funds, into which most pensions in both cases . On the contrary, bond funds have recently become equally popular.

The domestic fund also succeeded in passing sales

With the exception of a hurry, the week of domestic funds in the evaluated weekly performance ended. And with one exception in the form of a stock fund PI ropnho a energetickho prmyslu (-0.31%) recorded a positive performance. Equity funds performed best, ie from the good results of the stock market, specifically funds ISS Sporotrend (3,10 %) a PI New Economy Fund (2,03 %).

Among them, the 2.84% jet performance included a shift fund IKS Balancovan, pes

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one percent, according to the fund ISS Entries (1.06%) In the case of bond funds, the funds succeeded mainly by switching to the bond markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

It looked me more optimistic this week in the statistics of certain sales, where the funds as a whole recorded a threatening flats in the amount of (-) 854.4 million K. The fund was most responsible for this. SOB wealth with questionable net sales exceeding a quarter of a billion (-757.6 million K). Pension fund bonds thus fell sharply (-188.8 million CZK). On the contrary, the popularity of the money market fund will probably not disappear so soon (181.9 million CZK) and the equity fund (+15.4 million CZK) also succeeded.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesISS-SPOROTREND3,10%PI rop. a energ.-0,31%
PI new economy2,03%SOB stock mix0,43%
ISS-EUROTREND1,15%ivnobanka shares0,77%
BondsISS-TRENDBOND0,91%PI corp. bond0,02%
IKS Plus bondov0,63%ISS-S korp. dluhop.0,06%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund1,20%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,09%ivnobanka-Sporokonto0,03%
SOB entries0,04%
SmenIKS Balancovan.2,84%AKRO rules. divid.0,00%
ISS-Entries1,06%AKRO kapitl. vnos0,01%
ISS-SPOROMIX 51,00%AKRO energetic0,03%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST130,9SOB wealth-757,6
IKS Penn trh54,2SOB Quantity korunov-152,1
IKS Balancovan13,6UNDER Kilov-63,3

Zdroj: UNIS

In the past week, the sales of ING funds looked much better, reaching a total of K 61.3 million. .

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