Is it good to know how many colleagues they take? tte arguments for and against

Some people are convinced that the company is moving towards transparent wages, such as companies, and that this is an inevitable step in the right direction. Another claim is that knowing how much a colleague takes is not even the sun. for and against experts and practical experience.

It is believed that there are three things taboo in the sun of society: religious, political persuasion and wages. But isn’t it a peit statement by accident? According to some experts, the company will receive two or later rewards. It is a trend that reduces possible injustices in rewards and increases employee loyalty and commitment.

But is esk society ready for such an openness? The reason why many people do not want to talk about their wages yet is fear. Fear of the unknown. We don’t have the dark experience. And for that to change, when it works like this. Only this established model has developed assumptions. According to our recent survey, exactly 53 percent of people are convinced that their companies have an unfair remuneration.

Even though the taboo is rewarded in the company very strongly, according to an analyst from LMC in the future, the non-profit. And inspire old colleagues with your questions. We should be more interested, more interested in the values ​​of work, more interested in it. At the interview, the question of salary should not cause redness and nervousness. We have to know our work, and it is, however, and able to evaluate it, adds Tom Dombrovsk.

Vdt does not always mean cling to a psychologist

However, secret rules are implemented by a number of representatives. The word in the salary is a very risky matter. The modern concept of transparent companies, where everyone else should know about your reward, is, in my opinion, a convincing illusion that does not require the complexity of human nature. In addition, each of us has a different value, a different internal measure of justice, justification of reward, motivation and performance, a different relationship with other colleagues, to the psychologist Dalibor pok and continues:

In the case of a simple comparison of two salaries, this is a very simple twist: about the values ​​of a colleague and himself, his work. And first of all, public pay is dangerous. Salary is a simple, easy to understand and comparable value, which in fact expresses a complex of difficult access to managerial decisions. From sympathy, through the objective performance and abilities of a colleague, to his seniority, from the factors of the righteous to the factors of the accidental and unjust, the hard psychologist said.

In employment or other life situations, according to them, it is not true that everything is always better. If the patient knows objectively what is going to happen to him, his health will only get worse. If a hypothetical employee knows what is going on in the company, his motivation and satisfaction will not. Klov is proportionality. Knowledge of some information should be considered carefully. About salary to salary zsadn, mn Dalibor pok.

When in the company in, how much does anyone take

Martin Palika, director of Etnetera, which develops and runs technological projects, disagrees. About three years ago, they decided that they would be rewarded with a completely open company even in the fatherland. First, they set out to distribute the rewards transparently, for example, by the company. We made a point in this so as not to meet with the bird: don’t ask for it for him. We combined benefits, long holidays, made it clear, for example, for a company car or a parking space available. That made it to Martin Palika.

Therefore, these employees accepted positively; in the next two years, the management of Etnetery decided to declassify the wages as well. It was not about revolution, but about evolution. Such a thing cannot be done from day to day. We prepared it gradually and for a long time. First we tried it in the dark, and when it took place, then, for example, the whole company. Today it is for all standards, to the director Palika.

The reason why all companies of the Etnetera Group gradually decided for a transparent remuneration was the corporate culture, which promotes maximum openness. When you keep it open to employees, they give it back to you. It is true that for some people this system may be nronj, they will not accept it, so it will be filtered out. But let’s address other experts who have it set up similarly to us. And we care about them, adds Martin Palika, according to him, there will be more transparent companies in the future. Especially among those who try to give employees more freedom and money for their responsibility.

Personnel Martin Hroch, project manager at ManpowerGroup, is convinced that the Czech company is ready for a payroll. This is only in a certain form, in which they are evaluated. Due to the boom in the industry, where people are reimbursed on the basis of fixed tariffs, employees have an idea of ​​how many of the colleagues probably earn, my HR manager, according to him, is a bit of a national sport, especially in debt positions.

Employees check each other to see if they have been paid for what they are entitled to, so of course find out how much colleagues earn. Sometimes even in the higher positions there is a comparison of who is a bit better. On the contrary, other employees are not paid for wages at all, it is furnace one of the foundations of sunny education. It is so unpleasant for someone that colleagues know about their wage example due to fears of witness. Extraordinary and individual rewards should remain hidden, adds Martin Hroch.

He adds that the basic transparency of the remuneration is clearly defined by the rules. Carefulness and openness always warm the loyalty of employees. Where there is no transparency, incomplete personal work is involved.

Some companies even forbid talking about vi wages. From the first point of view, however, the end of another first regulation, the employee of the staff did not impose a confusion about income. Then how could he, for example, arrange a mortgage when he could not divulge his salary?

Specific examples from companies

It is not typical for the private and business sector to publish salary tables. Therefore, we reward employees with different experience and experience through the salary scale, to Marek Bali, Head of Personnel at KPMG. Employees who pay for their salaries are not penalized in any way. But it must be honored that we will not even encounter such a step, adds Marek Bali.

Skanska tries to explain to its employees how the wages of the company and the regular reassessment are. Wage policy for companies is based on professional analysis, which compares the evaluation of similar positions in the external market, to help keep wages at competitive levels. Employees appreciate it. At the same time, they are motivated by the fact that their evaluation and rewarding dependence on their personal performance, to Pavlna Matoukov, HR director of Skanska.

According to them, the company respects the customs and generally set days of the company, which assumes that there is private information in the salary of each of us. Whether this attitude will change in the future, we know, and we are ready to respond to these changes. In Skanska, it is not possible to discuss public pay with other employees. The rules set by them are very transparent and the set rewards can be defended in time, said Matoukov.

At the law firm Havel, Holsek & Partners, the remuneration is always individual, taking into account previous experience and the differences and complexity of the work that the person performs. For this reason, we consider the rewards to be an individual gift, which is twofold. For the first positions, it is common that the spacing in the reward is communicated internally. Thanks to this, our first beginners know that if they work on themselves, they will go up not only in the career, but also in the remuneration of Daniel Soukup from the law firm.

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