Is it worth investing in the table market?

The stock market hit growth of around 55% this year. Not all titles strengthened at such a pace, namely the salary for shares included in the SPAD segment. At the end of the year, some of them reach their long-term peaks and their growth is a bit of speculation, while others have growth potential ahead of them and in the future we can expect them to go interestingly valued. The Philip Morris Group decides on the latter two.

This year, the world’s stock markets are reaching percentage point points, even though at the end of the year the market and the real investor certainly did not materialize. Investors who decided to evaluate their resources in the markets of developing countries this year, among whom we can also cover the Czech Republic, turned out to be completely different. The stock market as a whole strengthened by an incredible 55% and the corrections have so far been only sporadic.

To such growth, help society, such as esk Telecom, or EZ, which will meet its historical highs this year. Although, according to many analysts, these companies have reached their peak and the stagnation is over, they will only find titles that have not impressed this year, but there is room for their future growth. Philip Morris is one of the few such companies.

Philip Morris R as (PMR) was established in 1992 by the acquisition of Tabk Kutn Hora by the giant Philip Morris. The initial investment amounted to 420 million K and after consolidation and restructuring it became one of the most successful companies in the Czech Republic and after Eurotel it is the second largest company in the US. PMR is part of Philip Morris International (PMI), based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is the largest non-tobacco company with a market share of over 14%. PMI belongs together with Philip Morris USA to the Altria group of companies.

On the Prague Stock Exchange, the company ranks among the titles with the largest capitalization. However, what is characteristic of the company’s shares, as one of the small ones, has maintained a stable dividend policy since its inception, which is quite a phenomenon at home. The shareholders of the company can thus rely on the dividend income in the amount of about 10% (last year the shareholders received a dividend per share in the amount of 1575 K). And the company’s first dividend policy may be one of the factors that will have a positive effect on the share price on the market in the near future. The dividend period is due bl.

The Dalim positive impulse for the start of the rise in stock prices may be a declining dollar. The company buys raw materials for dollars, which significantly reduces costs when the dollar falls. The price of the event will be helped by the results of companies in the tobacco industry and, in particular, parent companies. In the first quarter of this year, PM USA’s sales increased by 2.6% to USD 13.1 billion, while PMI, which is the PM R, increased by 2.6% to USD 5.1 billion.

Even with these positive first bags, the company’s tables are not stable. This industry is particularly the subject of many campaigns against them and judicial women in the United States. Against PM itself, there are currently two processes and he has prepared for the standard. At the same time, nineteen appellants were running against her verdicts. These facts could cost the company several plates and hundreds of billions of dollars in the future (the US government itself is arguing against tobacco companies, claiming $ 280 billion in astronomical costs (7.3 trillion K).

Philip Morris stock price development over the last year and trade volume

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At home, the company’s results are negatively affected by the gradual increase in excise taxes and the related health care of cigarettes, which is due to the company’s reduced market share by several percent. During the year, speculation about the health of cigarettes led to a rather sharp drop in the company’s share prices. To run in ordinary, the share price attacked at 20,000 K per share, in August, on the contrary, it traded below 14,000 K, which was also helped by the economic results for the first half of the year. In August, the price of the event reacted unreasonably to the published full ministry of finance regarding the growth of excise duties on cigarettes, which heats cigarettes for five years by about six crowns, another seven crowns in 2006 and put them on the agenda in 2007. Consumption is increasing Due to the requirements of the EU, a comparable bag will fly on the exchange rate of the koruna against the euro and the growth of cigarette prices in 2007 is thus open.

It will continue to pay for the increase in taxes and from April of the same year, for which manufacturers and traders will be able to use their fines in a similar way as in the previous invitation. The companies will start production in two shifts and the sellers will buy cigarettes with old stamps in stock, also called the number of customers, sometime in the summer. Economists thus expect the Czech koruna to strengthen, which should reduce the price increase. Despite the declining demand for cigarettes of well-known brands and the transition to cheaper types, the company’s results may not be seriously jeopardized in the future and they will offer room for appreciation, also due to the dividend policy.

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