ivotn pojitn nen spoen

It follows from the essence of insurance products that it is not possible to compare bonding and insurance for a long time, or even to replace them. Indeed, there are life insurance policies, so-called capital or investment, where the pension is valued and after the end of the contract
the owner receives the agreed amount plus entries.

A fundamental difference in comparison with, for example, investments in pension and mutual funds or building societies is that not all pension payments are valued, but only their debt. The number of payments is due to insurance fees. The insurance company cuts fees for keeping contracts and at risk.

He gathers them in case there is an event for which you are connected (for example, once, death) and he will have to pay the agreed sum to him. Therefore, if the insurance companies claim that they wrote the input (according to the profit) in more than seven percent, it is only a hundred-year-old means. In addition, it usually lasts more than two years, no positive reserve is created at all, so there is something to appreciate. In this phase, the insurance company washes the costs associated with the creation of the insurance, mainly the commission to the seller, from the premium paid.

Set the risk correctly

Life insurance pays off especially to people who need to secure, for example, saints or partners in case they die. They should set the ratio between the risk and spoc components correctly. If the family mainly wants to save, they should choose a insurance policy (which will be paid in case an insurance event occurs). Conversely, if the family is mainly as high as possible insurance, the risk should be as high as possible.

Life insurance is sometimes avoided even by those who go it alone. This is in case they give the lease. Both the bank and the leasing company require insurance as one of the ways to cover the pensions. In this case, it is necessary to consider whether a capital life insurance is required and it would not be enough just to take out risk insurance. It is much cheaper, you would not get anything back from the insurance company after its completion.

Capital insurance: low value

life insurance has one advantage in many ways. It is considered a relatively safe way of saving pensions. Due to the final restrictions on the location of insurance reserves, these types can be connected by a relatively safe computing device. In addition, insurance companies guarantee a minimum appreciation of reserves (net of investment life insurance) usually in the so-called technical years of peace.

In the case of endowment life insurance and pension insurance, a guaranteed appreciation of the pre-agreed insurance policy in the event of life and retirement is guaranteed. It is regulated by the Ministry of Finance, which has set it at 2.4 percent since January 1, 2004.

But insurance policies from the mid-nineties can have this guarantee and 5 percent. It should be noted that only one pension is valued. Compared to endowment life insurance, investment insurance is all the more interesting in terms of the ability to influence inputs and transparency.

This type of insurance allows for an active choice of the ratio of return and risk of invested funds by choosing investment funds, into which the insurance premium will be paid differently. The price for the possibility of deciding on the return and risk of saved funds is the return, which is not guaranteed. However, clients can continuously monitor the benefits and fees that the insurance company charges for the first time on their individual techniques. Even with this type of insurance, the fees remain unsuitable, they are transparent, but high.

Advantages and disadvantages of life insurance

+ guarantee payment premium at the end of the insurance or guaranteed appreciation of the insurance reserve (does not apply to investment insurance)
+ the possibility of reducing the tax base on the payment of insurance premiums and 12,000 crowns
– very high fees that are
– often opaque, reduce the load under the level of other computer tools, the tax return seems to be achieved at a rate of 15%, in the case of a temporary answer even at a rate of 25%
– high fees, which are mostly hidden and the insurance companies do not inform about them (does not apply to investment insurance and some – variable life insurance)
– deposits are not guaranteed by sttem

Source: Fincentrum / iDNES

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