Jan Hrunsk: Doing business without debt is exhausting, but it works

Jan Hrunsk is the guest of the next debt series How to Do Businesses. He spent 28 years in both city and city theaters, but the desire for freedom eventually led him to his own Na Jezerce Theater. With that heart, he sold the family house and used the pension as a basic capital.

We prepared for the series a conversation with interesting personalities who started a business and succeeded. In individual parts, well-known actors, singers and models, among others, shared their experience from the business world with you.

In previous works, you could, for example, have had enough of doing business in show business, trading in flowers and selling weapons.

How long have you had theater?

This is a nice question and a lot of possibilities how to answer it. For example, I could read that as a family we have had a theater for about 150 years since the great-grandfather Ondej ervek obtained a concession from the Austro-Hungarian ad to run a theater association. I could also read that since I was a child, the theater has been in my thoughts, which I have inconspicuously suggested to me, and this theater has existed for six years, since the Jan Hrunski Theater Company was founded. The company Divadlo Na Jezerce was subsequently established two years later.

What led to independence?

This idea has been mature for me for several years, for the rest of my life. Before that, I was 28 years old in city and city theaters. There you will know when and what role you will be given, km and you basically don’t have to refuse anything. You don’t have a reasonable income, and at the same time you care how around every year, pointlessly, the tiles of millions of crowns intersect, and everyone thinks that this is the case. The desire for freedom in mm decided played a big role.

When did you start, did you have to go for a start? How was it like to start a company to be fully operational?

Ten years ago, I built a family house in other countries, which I sold with a heart, and I used the pension as a basic chapter of the Na Jezerce Theater. I do not regret that the girl’s interest is a timely reward and at the same time a confirmation that I decided right.

For what reason did you choose this location?

This is just a coincidence of coincidences and circumstances. I have been living in Prague 4 since I was born, I basically grew up in Jezerka and it is time that here I can set up a theater with people who I love and who I can. When we opened the Na Jezerce Theater, many of them shook their heads above them and prophesied an end soon. It’s great that they were so wrong.

How problems in m pinels stopper?

When we stayed at Jezerka, I didn’t originally perform such a “big” theater as it is today. The fact that more than a hundred people work here has made the girls more aware. We started with a theatrical company in five people, we played in cultures, and because from the arrest we wanted to give a nron repertor like Tabori’s Mein Kampf, Marceau’s Egg and gave, it was quite difficult, but we persevered and it was important.

Is Jezerka a real estate for railways and freight? Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to go elsewhere?

The Jezerka homestead is the property of the City of Prague 4, which has generously and perfectly reconstructed it. J with his theater won the invitation to the long-term lease of the whole area, its conditions full. Mstskou st Praha 4 does not receive grants or subsidies.

How hard is the so-called “plus” in this area?

The fact that we work with a balanced budget, ie without debt, is exhausting, but it works. The Na Jezerce Theater is proof of that.

Talk about being debt free. How satisfied are the actors and the ensemble with their salary? Don’t worry, Vm uteou nkam za lepm? Are there big differences between the salaries of individual actors?

I’m always a little shy to talk about pensions, which you get second, I don’t like it, but it wakes up. Forts, of course, are not paid the same, the differences are according to the size of the role, the size and experience of the artist and so on. Many of the seven-week ensemble will produce significantly more on Jezerce than they get in city and city theaters. Don’t be afraid that they will be for the better, on the contrary, I wonder if some of them did not escape from large and rich theaters, where lousy payers, where they often go sunbathing and where they play things that are not fun.

What are the biggest costs of the theater apart from renting the building and the salary of employees?

So when the ascent for the whole building and the salaries of the old employees, for which I pay health and social insurance, there are plates and hundreds of items borrowed by authors, foreigners by authors of games and music, translators, decorations and costumes, suppliers of technical equipment and equipped with individual productions, accommodation of foreign artists, a large item is the data for promotion, PR support, graphic work, printers, transport equipment, porn watches for each performance, according to the company, which is in charge of the daily peace of the theater, gas, water and electricity, for telephones, equipped office not only basic, but everyday office materials, mandatory inspection of air conditioning, wiring and gas boilers, security of the building, including connected to the central security desk, various types of compulsory and optional insurance, clean clothes, regular maintenance and repairs of the whole area, garbage collection, gossip travnatch areas around the theater and so on. Mr. etn would probably go to it, he gave the same long list of payments, which I forgot at the moment

So how much does msn theater have to spend so that it’s not lost? How much do you have to have a minimum divk? Do you still sell?

Due to the low capacity of the services in Jezerka, there are only 205 seats. In the last year, we have been stable above ninety percent. If we had more than a hundred seats, we would not need days of subsidies or grants.

What problems do you face in practice during your business?

I consider the unequal conditions of financing Prague theaters to be a big problem. When your experts at a round table and in newspaper articles tell me that, as a private theater, you do not have the right to pay a subsidy according to EU rules and at the same time give another private theater thirty-six million crowns, then you can only smile. But competing with such a rich theater, for example in the field of promotion, is very difficult. However, the magistrate of the capital city of Prague began to strive to correct this long-standing problem, so he can not hope that common sense will eventually increase.

So how can you help me know TV?

I don’t know. You know, that’s special. When as an actor zante, toute weave after slv and you want vs to know everyone. From the moment that all the people really come to know, you will start to long for private privacy. Nothing new under the sun, no matter what he doesn’t get.

Do you know how to attract yourself as an entrepreneur?

There is no guaranteed recipe for that. I was very happy that I was able to bring together those people who have a theatrical theater and are great in their professions. Drink on n na Jezerku sometimes to cheat.

If you didn’t have a theater, would you be emu?

to anyone meaningful, I would be convinced that I could handle it. But I’ll think about it, and it will be current.

How mte eat?

I have the key that I can find my job among my vows, as well as theater and, of course, all the ordinary joys that life has to offer.

Is mon a bt manager for actors?

I do my best to give good theater. At Jezerka, everything is based on the quality of the public performance, and everything else is, and in the second place, there are economic questions, although of course it is closely related to that. That’s it.

Where did you get managerial skills? Did you learn from someone, or did you complete a round or draw from literature?

You’re miles, but again, I’m not a manager, I’m an actor. Theatrical, if you will. That’s it.

Pavel Ko

Actor Jan Hrunsk graduated from the music and drama department of the Conservatory and has been professionally involved in theater since 1976. In 2002 he founded the Jan Hrunsk Theater Company and in 2004 the Na Jezerce Theater. This is currently one of the most sought-after Prague theater stages.

The audience could see him in film, television and theater, where he played more than two hundred roles. For example Dvka na kotti, Ltost, Ppad Mauritius, Jak se bud prinziny, Lsky mezi kapky det, Magpie v hrsti, Konec starch as, Ceremoni, Krska v nesnzch, Rock podvrak, Beetle in the heads, Mr. Piperov intervenes, Death of a pedophile, Veer tkrlov and so according to.

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