Keep your employees gold company

Mte pocit, e vm zamstnanci ve fir stdaj vce ne je zdrovo? Poradme vm, jak si je mete udret.

According to an annual survey by the Center for Public Currency Research, the most important aspects of working life are job security, fun, work and high income. echm very bad on labor relations. Simply put, if an employee has nice colleagues around him and the rest of the time, the thoughts of leaving (even if he is not so satisfied with his income) do not occur to him so much.

Gain respect and loyalty
If you are the head of a department, it is most important to build the court and loyalty of your subordinates. This activity does not cost much. For example, whenever you expect good cadmium, whom you have under your command, praise the secretary and ask the children and grandchildren. During the day, stop at each podenho and ask how he is doing and if he has any problems with the work bike.

Do not shake at any suitable size. Discuss their mistakes with them in private, not in front of co-workers. When you say something, say something, keep your word. When one of your subordinates gets into a personal crisis, do what you can. Give him time off, in the event of financial problems, offer a loan.

The best wage methods
Respond to spch if it occurs. Don’t wait until January to reward people for the June results. Make the bag reward conditional on constant performance. It is practically impossible to take back from the basic salary. However, if you give employees meaningful bonuses instead of a permanent increase in wages, they are aware that they will only receive them for five years if they maintain their performance.

It is better to pay him a salary slightly higher than the usual one on the labor market, not to lose a tusk worker. You wonder how much money would be incurred if it went to the competition. Don’t let it get to you! Remember that if you join one department, other workers will probably not be able to tell you until then, and the time is up to fall.

The company should participate in the professional growth of the employee. Many employees want to be motivated to help professional courses or individual development. At the same time, employees should be interested in their own development and sacrifice something for it, at least in their own time. Therefore, lock the knees outside working hours. It is advisable that at least the employees are encouraged to “create” development programs.

The most effective way, when the employees themselves work closely with the supplier, is to combine internal and external know-how. As a result, development programs are emerging at a very high level. And not only in terms of the content and implementation of your own knees, but especially in connection with the specific situation of the “life of the company” and the connection with other processes and activities.

As for the environment for education, bad on the requirements and possibilities of a particular company. It is advisable for the knee to run outside the company. If employees require a course that is not necessary for the company, get them involved in the financial contribution for this education.

Pijet bvalho zamstnance
If the employee leaves her, do not hesitate to try to hear this again in the future. Businesses sometimes slightly avoid hiring their former employees, but it is a short-sighted policy. It will cost me more money to take the train (the worker is able to take action immediately), so former employees tend to stay in the city according to the new people.

In addition, they have one advantage that the current ones do not have, because after they left your company they worked in another company, they can be a source of new ideas and knowledge, new procedures. In addition, they have verified that there were some flies in the last job, and therefore there are not so many criticisms of your company and procedures that will positively affect even your existing job.

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