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If the partners own real estate together, they enter into their joint name with the manels, in other cases into joint co-ownership. If one of the partners of the country, the ddic in the case of marriages and registered partnerships is better, not if they lived together only as an unmarried pr.

The position of one’s own home is often one of the longest financial decisions in life. In the case of mortgages, long-term financial freedom is affected, the location of the property itself affects job mobility and lifestyle. Although this is an important issue and the market today provides many mortgage products, many potential applicants suffer the question of whether there is a suitable product for them first.

The primary question is whether there are differences between the possibilities of knowledge, which would be affected by the form of joint coexistence. The answer is simple – there are no significant differences in this respect.

If the bank’s methodologists decided to grant a mortgage only to persons in a marriage lasting less than three years, provided that the wedding had to take place only on Wednesday in the Catholic Church, they would probably fail to defend their methodology before running the bank. Banks are financial institutions, their motive is profit, the client’s financial situation is important to them, not his personal life.

How are the basic criteria included in the survey?

There are two basic ways in which banks approach the creditworthiness of clients who also live in the same household.

1) The bank considers the household as a unit of account and examines its financial situation in terms of income and subsistence minimum (the expenditure side).

2) The bank takes into account only individuals, their incomes and ties (vry, insurance).

dn of these methods does not contain an implicit preference for any volume. In most cases, there are restrictions on mortgages, when a maximum number of people (often three and six) can join a mortgage from a certain maximum number of households (often two or three).

In addition to basic mortgages, there is a faith that favors young partners, but not only partners, but also lives in registered partnerships (eg a newlywed mortgage). The suitability of these products are e.g. reduction of the installment on the arrest is fulfilled even at a favorable year rate.

The only significant preference for the type of cohabitation exists on the part of the state, in the form of a form for young families from the State Development Fund, where the condition of marriage and the age of one of the spouses under 36 or a single person under 36 years of age caring for a minor. The bag will have a maximum of 300,000 crowns, this bag can be used as its own resources to obtain a mortgage bank at the bank and to facilitate access to housing for young families.

Real estate partners

Much more importantly not own real estate is how problems can occur with real estate ownership. Pozen real estate enters the property of the partner. If it is shared by partners from the common means, it enters into a common name in the marriage, in other cases into joint co-ownership. As a result of these days, one’s own housing is not endangered.

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