Labor market 2018: quarreling over people, hitting foreigners and waiting for foreigners

Unemployment will continue to decline. People get good, but only in some fields, the benefit will be more effective. It is more about job offers for foreigners. And the robots bl. What ours in the labor market in the new year, estimate by HR personnel.

The HR specialist agrees that the 2018 labor market will continue to look for employees. And since there are those among the unemployed who will never go to work, companies will draw people among themselves. m? You pay, interesting benefits, friendly corporate culture.

Unemploymentdl kles

Unemployment will fall by one tenth of a percentage point. The number of vacancies is increasing. For example, in November there were a total of 265,469 unemployed in the Czech Republic and a total of 213,790 vacancies in the Czech Republic, kFrantiek Jare from the Student agency.

From the

Ji Halbrtt

According to Jiho Halbrtt from ManpowerGroup’s staff, there is a growing paradox in the labor market, where the supply of labor that no one wants to do or qualifies for grows, and at the same time there are a huge number of people who have to accept labor for a small job. Virtually no one will respond to job advertisements for companies, and companies will continue to attract employees for your salaries, including Ji Halbrtt.

Wagesyou in production and logistics

Companies that offer a below-average wage are and will be in a difficult situation, experts agree. Most people will be interested in the reward they will receive in the first place. And more wages are below the national average, so more wages are bad. In addition, people paid for equal salaries through performance and bonus components, which has so far been preferred by the employer, kalbta Honsov from Randstad’s personal company.


Albta Honsov

Most wages will grow this year in production and logistics, which are two strong industries in our country that still need people and where wages are below the national average. And then so in retail. On the contrary, it will not grow in top management. Since the new year, the minimum wage has increased by a dark 11%, ie the remuneration for work increased by the least paid professions. In addition, the minimum wage is reflected in the so-called guaranteed wages, mnTom Surka from McRoy’s staff.

František Jare is convinced that the extra wage will be gradual this year. In the last two years, large companies have had to raise wages to keep up with the competition, and it has often drained them financially. Companies are fulfilling the costs even for several years ahead, and even though in the budget they raised your wages by 2 and 3%, so the horse’s execution sometimes even by 15% was dramatic for them. And they can’t go to the customer and tell him that they need to pick up the mari, because they had to add, explains František Jare.

Benefitsthey will be all the same

In addition to the classic benefits, many companies try to increase the reward for the loyalty of companies, and thus fight the fluctuation, which is extremely unpleasant for them.


Tom Surka, editor of the personnel consulting company McROY Czech

For example, it may take several days off, or you may have 13th or 14th salary after working some time in the company. The trend is still an individual approach to the setting benefit so that it suits the specific employee, Tom Surka.

Albta Honsov claims that the benefit provider is a big difference between qualified professions and fields where there is a shortage of people and at the same time enough pensions (IT, service companies, finance), and between production, logistics or retail.

In the first case, the benefits are very sophisticated and serve as a supplement to a sufficient motivating salary. In the second case, the offer falls short, in many cases the employer basically acts as a kind of compensation for wages. Therefore, the offer of material benefits will be expanded, which are various financial contributions to transport, holidays, leisure time, rings for children, to Albta Honsov.

Frantiek Jare is convinced that the offer was at its maximum last year. For the year 2018, companies have nothing to offer. If you look at the profiles of different companies, then find out for all of them from the same field that the benefit offer is largely the same. Offer them plates, but the relays are the same under the same and the rest is almost faint, less Spring.

Foreignersbureaucratically limited complicate nbor

According to human resources, there are still a comprehensive concept on the part of the state on how to actively support the work abroad. Bureaucratically limited complicates the number of workers outside the EU to the extent that companies reach for them and in a situation where they really have no choice.


Frantiek Jare

The foreigner’s finger does not respond. Although there is pressure on external quantities allowed, for example, in the framework of the former Reim Ukraine, but unfortunately even if the number of issued permits increases, the personnel capacity of the Ministry of the Interior is limited. Don’t process it much enough, believe František Jare.

Toilu go slowly but do we want them?

The lack of company people is more able to automate and invest in robotics. In addition to vt efficiency, there is no need to look for people for some positions. However, the emergence of the need for new professions and knowledge, and these are put investments.

For example, the new Makro will need 600 people, making it one of the most automated distribution centers in the Czech Republic. Automation will not solve all problems, regardless of the large input costs, which companies often cannot or prefer not to afford, because they are worried about the situation on the market in 5 years, in the dark of Jare personnel.

The question is just how much automation is. If we look at the self-service of cash registers in chains, then they are often free and, conversely, at cash registers where there are cash registers, we find queues. The customer wants service and, moreover, when he is often in the store, he knows that the goods will mark his cash register and he does not want to mark it.

Zvrcorporate culture will lead to a hurry

According to Jiho Halbrtt, there will be a company that can address and convince people who are not actively looking for work, but are willing to listen to another offer.

People will not be available in the vicinity of large cities, so companies will outsource more professional work from subcontractors and will also have to work abroad. Experts will be the most educated internally, because there will not be many of them available on the market this year, concludes HR personnel from ManpowerGroup, according to rising wage costs, lack of people willing to accept jobs in assembly and automation , to North Africa or back to back.

According to Albty Honsov, the company will pay off a long-term and strategic approach to the recruitment of new people, intensive work on good corporate culture and clear strategies on how knowledge employees will have to have. Companies that rely on repeated procedures, offer the same thing and do not have a good reputation or a good corporate culture, will have: they will lose quality people, they will have to reject orders, they will suffer from great fluctuations, which represents the costs, adds Honsov.

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