Levn vnon vry? There are, but be careful

Merchants, banks and companies of the company should remember that Vnoce se bl. It is very easy to drink today. But be careful not to overwhelm debts in the new year.

Nkupy the only one for St.
The simplest and generally recommended way to deal with external financial claims at the end of the year is to draw on our own disputes, which we created during the previous period. Unfortunately, the first of these methods is still mentioned, its popularity due to the constant number of increments will decrease. Modern today is to shop on debt, not to live long-term and a member of something you can think of immediately. However, you need to realize that you will have to repay these funds two or later.

If it doesn’t work out, then on debt
It is very easy to get a pension today. The big advantage is especially the possibility to draw funds immediately. The offer is wide and you always have to know whether the given product is the best in your situation. Let’s look at the most popular.

ask for APR

Reserve almost own
Finann reserve, suitable first for the period when our expenses do not coincide with income, I have a so-called overdraft. It is popular mainly for its administrative simplicity (thanks to the private network with a regular income) and the nature of the revolving rum. You can draw it as easily as your own funds from the bank, ie by cash withdrawal at the bank, by payment card and cashless, e.g. castle of the land pass. However, it is necessary to comply with the condition of returning the completed pension most often during the following 12 months.

The rate that a financial institution offers in the event of an overdraft is between 10% and 19%. Pay the prescribed year and from the moment you switch off your actual pension, resp. when u don’t have your own resources here. Even if you do not draw the overdraft, you usually pay a fee for keeping it. This is usually included in the prices of even the simplest balk banking services.

Pensions always at hand
Credit cards can be a suitable financial reserve based on a similar principle as an overdraft. Due to the possibility to use the so-called bezronho period, it is nevertheless better for short-term erpn. The length of the uninterrupted period ranges from 45 days (most often) to 55 days and thus allows the returned funds to be returned without having to pay for an additional year. If you do not take out the bezron for a while and you are not able to drill your pension at this time, you must keep up with the year, which is between about 15 and 27%. There is also a fee associated with the credit card for its use, resp. zskn (only zdka included in the prices of bank balconies).

When you know exactly what you want
If you sweat at Christmas with a small sale (holidays, plasma TV, sweat, etc.), you can talk about some kind of consumer boil. It’s bad for you, whether you prefer the variants, when you do not have to prove the money, for your children, or rather divulge it and submit an invoice to the bank for exhaustion.

The loan certificate is usually reimbursed at a one-year rate and is often fulfilled over time. It is thus possible to adjust the regime of the installment so that it does not endanger the smooth running of the household. The current rates for consumer consumers range from 8 to about 17%, so it is necessary to take into account the fees for keeping the balance here and for obtaining loans. The advantage of this type of boil is the possibility to pay it in advance at any time, without any penalty.

You can also drink in the store
In addition to other fixed banking products, you can choose one of the offers offered by installment companies. Through a salesperson, you enter into a contract of commodity directly in the store and you can take the goods from here immediately. And if you do not want to go to the bank, you do not have to. You can easily set up a permanent order for regular payments here, even through some of the forms of banking.

Spltkov companies in connection with stupid saints make their products available and lure you to various events, bonuses, and even a few splits of the holiday. The conditions of these cases are usually set similarly to credit cards, ie non-compliance with the acute conditions means a price in a similar year, which often stands at the limit of 20%. In general, installment sales are definitely not among the cheapest ways to finance.

However, the worst way you can choose is to finance anyone with the help of so-called quick pensions. These can often be obtained very easily if you call the phone number, or you will otherwise respond to the advertisement. The advantage of an extremely simple one is that you can easily get the money and hundreds of percent that you will have to pay for a quick loan. The exception is that the rates are not stated in years, not in annual values, e.g. v tdennch. When finishing the printout, find out that you have twisted the loan several times.

How the rest did not sigh pespli
If the child only prefers to switch off the means before his own disputes, always make sure that you are very familiar with all contractual and business conditions. However, it is true that what suits and suits one may not necessarily suit the other. So always choose according to your own possibilities and do not let yourself be seduced by the first offer, he will hear.

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